Muddled Times
Section: Fiction

-Mother's Medicine
A short horror story by Cordelia.
-The Adventures of Herbert the Hapless Hedgehog, Part I
The first part of a serialised story by Aeris.
-The Meeting of the Mobiles
Ever wondered what the mobiles get up to before a bash? Read here to find out, written by Poledra.
-Confessions of a Thief
The first in a series of short stories based on the mobiles in MUD2, written by Cordelia.
-Thorin's Tale
The land of MUD is a curious place with many a strange creature. It holds many secrets and puzzles to which if you solve them then the rewards can be high. But have you asked yourself was it always like this? where did the people go? Well read on and I will tell the tale through Thorins's eyes and maybe just maybe all may make sense ...
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