Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 30, June 2005
Author:Zordell & Karya

Persona Pictures

This is the second part of an on-going competition. Every issue a number of persona pictures will be included here and you, the Muddled Times readers, will vote on the best one. The artist of the most popular persona picture will receive a month's worth of playing time. The runner-up will receive 2 weeks worth of playing time.

The winners of last issue's competition were Gehenna and Crowley who both received the same number of votes. Their winning entries "Spooky" and "Cat" can be seen below. They both win a month's worth of playing time.

Spooky, by Gehenna

Cat, by Crowley

Take a look at the following images and click on the link below your favourite picture! Please only vote for one picture. Click on the actual picture to enlarge it.

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[Vote for this picture]

To take part in the competition all you have to do is send in an image and let us know which MUD2 player that image represents. You can send in as many images as you like and you can create the images by any method you wish (e.g. hand-drawings, photos etc).

Anyone can enter this competition as many times as they wish. If lots of entries are received some images may be kept for a later issue of Muddled Times.

Please send your images to The best one will be voted for after the next issue and all images will be added to the Persona Pictures gallery.

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