Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 30, June 2005

Top 100, Dead or Alive

This chart shows the top 100 mortals who have played during the three months between March and May 2005.

The top 100 represents the highest score that each individual player achieved at any point in time, regardless of whether they have died later. You also get to see the players' level (and even prefix) at the time they reached their highest score.

Interesting facts for this chart:

  • Three-letter names are back in fashion, with three in the top 100
  • Ten percent of the top 100 names begin with R
  • Dohjitzu went on to make wiz, and is therefore number 1 on the list!

I hope you enjoyed this issue's charts!

Top 100 Mortals, March-May 2005

1Dohjitzu the dragon-slaying mage
2Baz the mage
3Gizmo the mage
4Joejitzu the mage
5Tesoro the mage
6Fishtaco the mage
7Carib the mage
8Cucullain the mage
9Crawley the mage
10Kinetic the mage (Player of the Month)
11Maxmage the questing mage
12Savlon the mage
13Starvnmarv the mage
14Archangel the mage
15Amy the mage
16Preciousss the mage
17Laura the mage
18Frog the mage
19Gilgamesh the dragonfly-slaying patriarch
20Chocciewoc the dragon-slaying warlock
21Tokay the dragon-slaying warlock
22Wayzgoose the matriarch
23Vladimir the warlock
24Nemesis the dragon-slaying warlock
25Footpad the warlock
26Phantom the warlock
27Wolverine the dragon-slaying warlock
28Nox the warlock
29Tfarcraw the warlock
30Winterborn the patriarch
31Bobbafett the legend
32Natasha the warlock
33Reddevil the warlock
34Emil the warlock
35Gustav the warlock
36Taltos the warlock
37Filth the warlock
38Rakshasa the warlock
39Sandfire the dragon-slaying warlock
40Alfonzo the warlock
41Sentinel the warlock
42Termite the warlock
43Vordai the warlock
44Roo the warlock
45Darkslayer the warlock
46Nickolai the warlock
47Glowplug the warlock
48Demonesss the warlock
49Radomname the warlock
50Ohnoez the warlock
51Duracell the warlock
52Heiach the warlock
53Titch the warlock
54Mordecai the warlock
55Breshard the warlock
56Firedemon the dragon-slaying warlock
57Gemz the warlock
58Vulnax the warlock
59Sunfire the dragon-slaying warlock
60Apeomancer the surrealist warlock
61Kitty the warlock
62Rocko the warlock
63Gehenna the warlock
64Gravity the warlock
65Wench the warlock
66Reverse the warlock
67Paragon the warlock
68Toc the warlock
69Lola the warlock
70Bloomdido the patriarch
71Mappo the warlock
72Goibniu the dragon-slaying necromancess
73Tharg the necromancer
74Calliss the necromancess
75Psycrow the dragon-slaying necromancer
76Hellboy the necromancess
77Jacob the necromancess
78Ritual the necromancer
79Element the necromancer
80Brisa the necromancess
81Zemyna the necromancess
82Entropy the necromancer
83Celstro the necromancer
84Renegade the necromancess
85Joanofarc the necromancess
86Wulingshu the necromancer
87Saboteur the necromancer
88Rikku the necromancer
89Tina the guardienne
90Simba the necromancer
91Rahl the necromancer
92Void the necromancer
93Marwan the necromancer
94Boddington the necromancer
95Bandit the necromancer
96Mork the guardian
97Aesahaettr the surrealist necromancess
98Saxon the necromancer
99Milly the necromancess
100Gothik the necromancer

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