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Thomas's Crooked Tours presents: The Redwoods Country Park

Seldom explored in the north of The Land lies the magnificent Redwoods country park, a magnificent reserve of stunning flora and fauna. To explore here you must not only be worldly wise and have global experience but also to have considerable stamina and determination. Indeed this area is recognised by the powerful of the land as so unwelcoming to lower level mortals that they have cunningly ensured that you may not enter alone.

If however you are determined to enter this fantastic area, after opening the way you should head north to the old ruin, and avoiding the spider head north through the dense forest. Here the forest will change from being merely dense to appearing positively overgrown, with trees of many types soaring to 100 metres or more. You may catch a glimpse of eyes through the trees that come and go and hear exotic bird calls. So overgrown is this entrance way that few routes exits and sooner or later you will find that the only way is up! That assumes you have managed to avoid any welcoming attention from the undergrowth itself - it is said that the flora itself can be vicious here.

Assuming you survive and continue upwards you will find yourself atop a forest canopy where we find one of the few structures in this corner of the land - the treehouse. Who knows why it was built, or why there is a large bloodstain, although you may well speculate. To the north of here through the canopy you may espy a legendary Roc or two, a family group that will protect each other from any treasure seeking passerby who takes a fancy to their most treasured possessions.

From here you may progress in different directions leading to various areas of overgrown forest, or even lead “up the Bloody tree” where you may be lucky enough to see eggs of a most exotic bird rarely seen by explorers, and even more rarely collected for profit. Around this area you may also encounter other forest creatures, but beware as they have few visitors they do tend to be more than a little unsettled to see strangers, and have been known to attack on sight. Some may be small in size, but sheer numbers may cause the unwary traveller problems, others may be alone, but would prove a challenge to all but the most seasoned adventurer.

Assuming you make your way past all the creatures that may interrupt your exploration of this forest wonderland (what do you mean or if you kill them?) you may eventually find yourself north of the forest and exploring a barren plain and to the north of that, an intriguing puzzles lies - with obscure links to an Island far to the west. We at Thomas's Crooked tours have it on good authority that a spirit of co-operation can guarantee success, but also understand that a lone traveller may also find great gain here, not only for the sheer value of the treasure hidden here, but also for mysterious other purposes.

North of here again lies the sea, but as with many areas of seascape in The Land we cannot recommend gentle sailing here as a relaxing pastime. On the other hand a peaceful walk in the mountains can be most relaxing to an exhausted traveller.

Here we must end our description of this wondrous area of natural beauty and mysterious charms, and simply wish you an enjoyable (and profitable) visit but beware, the distant sound of a tolling bell is never far away from the Redwoods Country Park.


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