Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 23, August 2003
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 19

There's been more people around this month... No lie! It's been tougher than ever out there for old Wizrundave!! And some of the players are times even I can't get the adze first! It's almost enough to wear you down........all those people, and they're out to get you too!!!!

Out to get you, oh yes!! Out to get Crowley, too... one source tells me that Eskimo was out to get him.... and got him for 40k!!! Apparently Crowley then got Eskimo back, so that's one death and a big flee already this month! What a good start, guys......

I'm told that Crowley has been doing quiet a bit of killing.....a one man PK army!! Anyway his rain of terror was thankfully put to an end by Zanthia.... who (bless her soul) died moments later to that biggest PK of all.......the touchstone!!

How cruel! Nahhh!!!! Zanthia is a bigger PK than Crowley! My sources say he has personally finished off 7 mages this month....but then my source was none other than Zanthia herself!!

Heheh!! Hey - did you see the new DOTM and POTM prize the wizards are doing?? Call me a liar but did they steal that idea from me or what??? I mean, guys, one to watch....POTM.... my famous curse.....POTM curse....DOTM....the whole of my column! I'd accuse them of plagiarism...if only I could spell it.

I guess you're all expecting it now so I better mention that muffin Nato, he goes and gets himself killed by a giant. Big deal huh? I can write better stuff in my sleep!!!

So back to the ORIGINAL death stuff. Domino was a mage but was toppled by Slick... aka Teneighty... gee! can anyone say Billymort?? My sources say Domino was Mankoid who (to my vast knowledge) would never hurt a firefly!!

Remember Zhivago, the mean old newbie killer? Maybe my sources meant he's a newbie to killing instead of killing newbies??? Whatever, he was pulverised by Iancurtis who I'm told is also Domino!! Ahhhhhh..... it's like one of those circular things......

So much death! Ooooooh! I love it.... but it can't go on for ever, so I should mention some of the less unfortunates!! Archangel has survived the month without any damage in his armour....the thing is.....I heard his armour is made entirely of darjeeling!!!

Drucilla has also made it through unscathed.....well alive sources have been scathing in a different way. Seems she's being bodyguarded by Xecutioner (who I'm told normally goes for mages in a different way! If ya know what I mean? heheheh!!!!)

And so now on to my little trip through that gallery of rogues we all know and love. You know why we all know it?? Because it NEVER CHANGES! Urgh! Come on guys! Mix it up, will yas!

A little birdy did tell me that Angel dropped off it (but not off the top 10 .... bahhhh!!!) How did he manage that? I'm told he tried to FOD Foulplay! Sounds like foulplay to me... hehehe!

There's been more fodding going around this month, and a whole volley of them were aimed at Crowley (yeah I know I mentioned him already but there's a reason, honest!!) Maybe it was because of my infamous one to watch curse! (See!! Told ya there was a reason!!)

Maybe not... after all, none of them actually got him!! Too bad... so I need a new one to watch this month....who should it be? Well my one to watch hasn't been mentioned yet ..... which is a GOOD thing as most of the people I've mentioned so far have been dead, top 10 excepted ..... and he's been making waves on his way up and not just out at sea!! My one to watch for this month is Strider!! Now let's see if those wizards copy me this time!

So now my job is done. I must return back to the land and take up the my hefty adze against all those who covet my points, for I am a mighty warrior... no, I am more than that..............

I AM....


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