Muddled Times
Welcome to Issue 18!
A message from the editor.
-News & Gossip
Wizrundave returns to entertain us with his mix of humour and gossip. Who will be his one to watch this issue?
Read articles written about MUD2.
-Game Information
This section holds lots of goodies for the new and not so new MUD2 player.
Sunflower tells us the story of Si, the Ice Queen, and her first meeting with a necromancer from another land, Zakk.
Did you miss the mudmeet in Rainhill this year? Would you like to try out a round of the devilishly hard quiz?
In this issue, Karya interviews Billygoat
The top 100 is back once more. Find out if you've gone up, gone down, or simply gone!
When it comes to obituaries, you can't beat a sorcerer war. Vulnax provides us with a review of a recent war, complete with an impressive obit!
-Feedback Form
Send us feedback to let us know what you think about this issue.