Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 18, October 2002

Hawumph's Pub Quiz

This is one round written by Hawumph from the quiz provided for the Rainhill mudmeet.

It's intended to test your knowledge of The Land, so you'd have expected Richard to win. In fact he came joint second with Karya. Foddy came first, although there were suspicions of him cheating! Boggy and Antman also get an honourable mention for bringing up the rear.

Try it for yourself, and the person with the most correct answers by the 21st of October will win a two week subscription as a prize. Be warned - for the last question, some letters of the alphabet may have no answer!

Food & Drink of the Land

  1. How many potions are there (you know, the things you find in the vials), and list them. (One point for the right number, one point per correct potion.)

  2. How many bottle's are there (1 point), and what do they contain (ie a list of possible starting contents, no need to be flash and get all the correct fluids in all the right numbered bottles - unless you can. One point per fluid, and an extra point for each pair that is correct.) Please note that some fluids may appear in more than one bottle. Only one point for the fluid (i.e. if chardonnay appeared in 6 bottles don't put chardonnay 6 times it only counts once, but if you list bottle1 and bottle5 as both containing it, and they do, thats 3 points, being one for the fluid and one each for the pairs. Don't worry the scoring will take at least as long as the quiz!)

  3. Which bottle is not made of glass, what does it contain, and what is it actually made of? (One point per item of information.)

  4. How many larger than normal champagne bottles can appear in the game (1 point) and name them. (1 point each.)

  5. Name three non alcoholic drinks in the game, excluding the phial and vial contents. (1 point for each.)

  6. Name the three icy objects in the game. (1 point each.)

  7. Name a food item beginning with each letter of the alphabet. (1 point each.)

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