Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 28, September 2004

Look & Listen Answers

This article refers to the "Look & Listen" quiz by Rosie, which may be found here.

Ok, so it's nearly a year after the actual questions were posed. About time you had the answers then!

1. Which room has peeling paint, although it is still a surprisingly fine example of its kind?

Answer: The Bandstand

2. Where can you read a language that was dead before Atlantis sank?

Answer: Mausoleum

3. Which room contains elegant troll-hide furniture?

Answer: Lounge in Cottage

4. Which building in the land contains a shallow ornamental vessel with a pedestal, used for ceremonial purposes? And what is it?

Answer: Il Castellare - Tazza

5. What is the picture on the painting which has the quote 'there are tears about things and mortal sorrows touch the heart'?

Answer: Arthritic looking scribes locked in a dusty scriptorium - painting2

6. What is the table tennis table set in?

Answer: Concrete

7. What are the tiles on the kitchen roof of Il Castellare made from?

Answer: Terracotta - you can see them from the master bedroom window

8. Where can you find a statue dedicated to three muses?

Answer: Fountain in formal garden

9. Which building is made of chalk and flint?

Answer: Cowshed

10. Which room in the land has murals on the walls of grassy pastures?

Answer: Dwarf Canteen

11. Which object in the land is reminiscent of a film by Ingmar Bergman?

Answer: Seal 7 (Film - The Seventh Seal)

12. What object is described as sky blue, and of obscure antiquity?

Answer: The Scarab

13. Which object was made in an area on the Southeast coast of China?

Answer: The Parasol was made in Macao

14. Which object is made of a yellow quartz? And where is the object usually found?

Answer: Citrine vase, usually found in leather satchel

15. Which piece of cutlery has a tortoiseshell handle?

Answer: Fork1

16. Which object tells the traditional story of a Mandarin's daughter being turned into a dove?

Answer: The willow pattern teapot

17. Where can you hear a steady PLINK PLINK?

Answer: Stalagmite room

18. Which item was 'a gift from Andromeda'?

Answer: The dishcloth

19. Where can you hear a poem by the author of Winnie the Pooh?

Answer: Halfway up the stairs in the cottage

20. What is the title of the Land's fairy story book?

Answer: The So Book of Spoons

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