Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 24, October 2003

Look & Listen

Here's a test of how well you all know The Land and its objects - or a test of how many of you play with brief descriptions on! There's 10 points for every correct answer you get so send them into by the 1st of December.

  1. Which room has peeling paint, although it is still a surprisingly fine example of its kind?
  2. Where can you read a language that was dead before Atlantis sank?
  3. Which room contains elegant troll-hide furniture?
  4. Which building in The Land contains a shallow ornamental vessel with a pedestal, used for ceremonial purposes? And what is it?
  5. What is the picture on the painting that has the quote 'there are tears about things and mortal sorrows touch the heart'?
  6. What is the table tennis table set in?
  7. What are the tiles on the kitchen roof of Il Castellare made from?
  8. Where can you find a statue dedicated to three muses?
  9. Which building is made of chalk and flint?
  10. Which room in The Land has murals on the walls of grassy pastures?
  11. Which object in the land is reminiscent of a film by Ingmar Bergman?
  12. What object is described as sky blue, and of obscure antiquity?
  13. Which object was made in an area on the Southeast coast of China?
  14. Which object is made of yellow quartz? And where is the object usually found?
  15. Which piece of cutlery has a tortoiseshell handle?
  16. Which object tells the traditional story of a Mandarin's daughter being turned into a dove?
  17. Where can you hear a steady PLINK PLINK?
  18. Which item was 'a gift from Andromeda'?
  19. Where can you hear a poem by the author of Winnie the Pooh?
  20. What is the title of The Land's fairy storybook?


Stuck for answers? Mail the author using the link below for some clues to get you going.

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