Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 18, October 2002
Section:Game Information

Rumour has it ...

It's widely known that the forge can bestow points on the adventurous, but not that a certain item which is seldom ever disturbed can be used to avoid the dangerous side-effect. Perhaps poking around like this is just playing with fire.

Never discard a useful wafer, especially not one that's misunderstood. Experiment with one belonging to the man. There are conditions under which it can be eaten by anybody. It's not to be scoffed at though as it's the most powerful wafer in The Land by far!

It's possible to do one of the tasks up to four times in a single reset - and that's without wizardly intervention. It does require a lot of planning, cooperation, determination and luck however. I'll wager that all serious contenders for best ever reset scores (excluding kill points) include this trick.

Wafers are a weighty issue. It's been said that there a non-destructive ways of increasing their mass.

Like to while away the hours engrossed in a good novel? Someone obviously did. I bet there's a handsome reward for reuniting the collection. But just where would a real bookworm store such things?

The vampire likes blood, but how to give it to him and reap the rewards?

Annoying not being able to carry everything out of the inn all in one go isn't it? With delicate thought or uplifting ideas you can find other convenient ways out.

There's a point to doing eight tasks in a reset. If you've done it before you'll know what I mean.

I've not heard tell of anyone making use of this one recently. Most foods have nutritional bonuses, one of the more luxurious foods types however is good at combating the common cold. Perhaps those in the know are never actually get colds in the first place..

Ever considered inviting a zombie to a game of croquet? It's much more effective than you'd think.

Beaten to the brolly? Foxed to the parasol? Never mind, lie back and relax in springy comfort by using another bulky item that almost never gets swiped at the start of the reset..

Without being blunt, there are a number of potential weapons out there, better than all except the finest of swords, for slaying the evil one.

There's a bottle of bubbly it in for the one most avid collector in the land. You'll just have to rack your brains for what type of object though and just where to collect your reward.

Being miserly turns out to be a pretty neat trick. It'd be nicer if everything didn't turn up somewhere else though, eh?

Noticed that you can't go around throwing music items because they have an annoying habit of disappearing? There are ways around this in a flash if you time it properly. Why bother? Well as most people know, a certain profitable puzzle needs help or strong magic on humanoid mobiles. Well how about doing that puzzle without either? Ah ha...

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