Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 16, June 2002

Quiz Night II!

These are the questions that I asked during the second Quiz Night Event held on Thursday 28th March. If you couldn't attend now is your chance to have another go! Read Vulnax's article here to find out how everyone else did. Send in your answers to me at to get your points prizes!


1 point for each correct answer.

  1. Which weapon is found in the mausoleum?
  2. Which big cats live in and around the Blizzard?
  3. According to the chart, who did the druids worship?
  4. Specifically, where is the highest point of all The Land?
  5. What item does the ogre carry?
  6. What does the golem protect?
  7. What piece of jewellery does the mermaid carry?
  8. Where does the obsidian normally start at the beginning of a reset?
  9. What is written on the streetsign?
  10. What do the rats protect?

Round 2 - LISTS

From the following lists name the odd one out for 5 points, then give a reason why for a further 3 points.

  1. Shrine, hallowed chamber, small temple, meditation room
  2. Thief, man, maiden, mermaid
  3. Pick0, dagger0, mallet, shortsword
  4. Abstract, nightcap, barometer, tapestry
  5. Beer, vodka, claret, scrumpy
  6. Hall, woodsman's hut, entrance to monastery, ground floor of keep
  7. Inside belfry, inside gazebo, barn, bandstand
  8. Eating room, relics room, underground room, wine store


Name the place that the following directions take you to. 5 points for each correct answer.

  1. Entrance of
  2. Vicious Rocks.southeast.southeast.east.east
  3. Dwarfen Hall.north.north.east.northeast
  4. Small Bedroom.out.south.west.southwest
  5. Ground Floor of Scriptorium.south.northwest

Name the building that the following applies to. 5 points for each correct answer.

  1. Which building or structure contains trophies of animals hunted?
  2. Which building has a concave roof?
  3. Which building is surrounded by snow?
  4. Which building contains a barbecue in its grounds?
  5. Which oriental-style building is entered through gates?


15 points for each correct answer. You'll probably need to wander around The Land to do this section. The particpants in the event did so.

  1. Name the room where you can see the BACK YARD OF INN from the window.
  2. What colour is the bedroom in the Alpine Cottage decorated?
  3. What is the bridge at the GLASSY POOL made of?
  4. The walls of which room are covered in painted designs of rugs, bedlinen and clothing?
  5. In which room location would you find the following, "... some eerie, granite steps to the southwest lead downwards to the cellar.".
  6. Name the room where you can see the EAST PASTURE from the window.
  7. Which building can be seen from one of the windows of the BEDROOM in the Inn.
  8. What is the RUIN a ruin of?
  9. What is the purpose of the HAHA?
  10. What crop is grown outside the Dwarfen Citadel?


This round has 10 points for each correct answer (for the purposes of this quiz, this SYSTEM includes the time spend at Wireplay).

  1. Which notorious PK-er arch-wizard previously ran a non-PK MUD2?
  2. Who was the first witch on this system?
  3. In which town was MUD born?
  4. Which company employed Richard to work on MUD2 and further related games?
  5. What was the name of the first server at Wireplay?
  6. What is the name of the current server?
  7. Who was the first person to post a message on the BB on this system?
  8. Name the only orginal MUD1 still running.
  9. Who runs it?
  10. In which year was MUD written?


10 points for each correct answer and 5 points deducted for each incorrect answer.

  1. Which animal is the stuffed head from?
  2. From which tree is the forest made up of on the Dragon Island?
  3. How many vases are there in The Land?
  4. Which mobile is "very large and very angry"?
  5. What is the effigy made out of?
  6. Which room has velvet-covered furniture?
  7. Which mobile is described as velvet-skinned?
  8. What sort of jam does jamjar2 contain?
  9. How many snakes are there in The Land?
  10. What is ring9 (the one found in the Keep) made of?
  11. What are the shoes made of?
  12. What food is found in the canteen?
  13. How many flies are there in The Land

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