Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 16, June 2002

Quiz Night in The Land of Mud - March 2002

As the reset began several players were waiting in the tearoom. Satan, Quizling, Laura, Cazador and Vulnax. Apeomancer, Foddy and Karya soon arrived and trolled off to the public bar in the Inn - well, it IS a pub quiz after all and the ale is cheaper in the public bar!! Turrican joined us by the fire as Pipns the guest arrived, upset with the good old faithful provider BT. A PK-free quiz it was, much to the relief of certain high(er) life players present. Cazador and Apeomancer promptly handed out refreshments while the quiz mistress Karya prepared herself, Foddy snored heavily and Turrican abused everyone, just to set the mood.

Multiple rounds were the order of the day (questions not drinks!), with the rules for each round being provided at the start of that round.

Round 1 - General Knowledge

Each question in this around was worth 1 point to the first to say the correct answer. This was a bit of a warm up really. Apeomancer and Quizling were fast with Laura and Satan just behind, although speed and accuracy were not always co-existing! Tharg joined in mid round as Cazador started to pick up speed.

With poor spelling, fast typing and wrong commands to talk (how hard IS it to put " in front of the word coal ...) the first round came to a close with the scores on the sorcerer's room door standing at: Cazador 5, Apeomancer 3, Laura 2, Quizling 1 with Vulnax and Satan saving themselves for the higher scoring rounds with a big fat ZERO! Poor old Apeomancer was labelled with the epithet Mincer due to an immortal typo … but the name stuck for the duration and was a glorious prefix afterwards! Late arriving Tharg also sat on nought at this time. Zordell arrived and Apeomancer disappeared during the greetings, to return wearing a ribbon to suit his newly appointed title of Apeomincer.

Round 2 - Lists

Apot the odd one out for 5 points and for a bonus 3 points state why. Terminator joined us during this round, and as 30 minutes had passed since the reset the second tricky round was completed. Current scores stood as follows: Apeomancer 38, Tharg 37, Laura & Satan on 26, Cazador 23, Vulnax 21, Quizling 13, Zordell with 3, Terminator the late comer who had lost connection sorcerer on ... 0.

Round 3 - Orientation

5 points for naming the destination after being given a start location and a series of directions. Again, says and first one correct gets the points. Chopin arrived at this point and came to join in the merry atmosphere. Round 3 was swiftly followed by, or maybe included, Spot the Building from its Description, a low scoring round resulting in 5 or 10 points to the contestants. Overall scores by now were Apeomancer 56, Cazador & Laura on 38, Tharg 37, Satan 36, Vulnax 26, Quizling 19 and Zordell 3 (just here for the company!).

Round 4 - Exploration

Go out and explore to find the answers to the clues, 15 points for each correct answer to be written in brush strokes on a handily provided scroll. These were taken away for marking and the scores would be revealed later. Torak had apparently arrived during this melee and was busily drawing conclusions with the brush and musty scroll.

Round 5 - Mud History

Old history on MUD2 including Wireplay, 10 points a correct answer. Tricky one this, as not all that many players could remember which town MUD originated from or the name of the first Wireplay server (and neither Monica - it was always going down, or Lagmaster counted!!). Cerbrus joined at this time for a bit of fun and merriment.

Round 6 - General Knowledge 2 : The revenge

10 points for SAYing a correct answer, but 5 away if you dare to get it wrong ... Scores before this round stood at Laura 141, Satan 106, Quizling 139, Apeomancer 181, Vulnax 98, Cazador 138, Tharg 112, Chopin 45, Cerbrus 10, Zordell 3, Torak 55.

After the make or break final round the final scores looked just like this:

*Karya the melancholy witch says "TERMINATOR - 0".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "CEREBRUS - 0".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "ZORDELL - 3".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "CHOPIN - 40".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "TORAK - 50".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "VULNAX - 86".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "THARG - 108".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "SATAN - 111".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "CAZADOR - 123".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "QUIZLING - 138".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "LAURA - 166".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "AND!".
*Karya the melancholy witch says "APEOMANCER - 226".

So there we have it, points and free play time to our winners, a trip to the graveyard for our losers. A bit harder than the last quiz and more people playing, but still great fun! Thanks must go to the Immortals who put this together and Karya for her excellent quiz-mistresing.

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