Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 12, October 2001
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 8

I couldn't believe it, guys.. I was on over 203k and fighting a goblin. I had just made one of the most evil wizmorts flee and I was on a role!! The goblin dies with and my score hits the magic 204k!......

I look in my hands, and there's the coal. I make a dash for the isle to slay the dragon, my wizrunning days nearly over.. BUT!! he attacks!! I almost cry but then I remember I can flee and maybe live to fight another day.

I pluck up the courage and go to flee but the dragon stops me! I close my eyes, expecting to be turned into fun sized toasted mage for the dragon... but there's no big hawumph! I opened my eyes and the dragon turned to me......

The dragon said to me "Iepuipsoyrra"!

And then I woke up ............... Heh, guys, had you going then!!

So, even in my dreams I'm still Wizrundave, and so I'm back to give you the low-down on the characters out there who think they're highlifes!

First off, with Azrael removing himself from the scene, you'd think we'd have millions of new wizzards by now. Not so!! Maybe everyone else has gone soft? Or maybe these rumours of dcmorts are true! Which d'ya reckon?

Sabretooth made mucho points this month, so he says.. my sources didn't see him playing once until he was at about 150k... guys, that is so spooky.. he seemed to play in more sociable hours then, but since some major fleeage, has hardly left the tearoom since. He seems to be stuck with just Sabretooth now as he's carelessly lost all his other warlocks.

Olazabal has also been losing warlocks like they're going out of fashion. My sources tell me that honourable mentions should go to Andi and Crazylady too... But unlike Andi, Crazylady seems to have relegated herself to tearoom duty since then.

Marmite was worrying a few people this month, I'm told. That was until he lost his warlock..or was it warlockS? I've never heard of so many going in one month!!!

Moondancer has been blowing off his old cobwebs and making a bit of progress... unfortunately, he's been blowing 'em onto Seamus his old stable mate. Tsk!!

Diablo has been doing his best to fend off the armies of evil wizmorts being sent against him. He's made a good few flee too (which may be the reason he's up to his armies in them!!) Just this week we all thought his luck had run out when he was killed by Xecutioner. It seemed his luck was in as he got a restore ..... but ran out before he touched the touchstone...............

So who is Xecutioner? A mage out of nowhere and rumour is a wizmort. Keep an eye on him over the next month...

Avekjtfsbfdsbfghsb.....whatever...... was a warlock out of nowhere at the beginning of the month, but tailed off towards the end. Now he's just a warlock noone has enough saliva to talk about.

Calliss lost a warlock, but won't say how - my sources say the best rumours are that she vowed one too many times when a mean old killer walked into her tearoom. If you know what happened? Let me know!

There's been tea-room activity as always - the usual mages (Outkast, Flick amongst others) seem to be going so slow they're slipping backwards. It won't be long before we have a bunch of tea-room novices thinking they're highlifes!!

Art moves up three places in the top ten MUD rogues to clinch the number one slot. Poptastic!! The full list is: Art, Po, Gza, Destiny, Jincks, Seamus, Pacman, Angel, Zordell, Aurora! I know at least two people on the list are hoping to drop off it ... one way or another!!

Maxmage managed not to die again this month. Typical!! If he carries on like that, he'll not get a mention next time. We wouldn't want that now, would we?

No, I think not... Guys, it's time to let me get back to sleep and dream of my wizard days ahead. I may only be a superhero now (superheroine, actually, damn that vial!!) but I will be joining their ranks soon. I promise you that. Oh yes.... Because ....

I AM....


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