Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 11, August 2001
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 7

Hey guys!!

I think my wizrunning days may be over. I've been cut down in my prime....I was beating up this big old zombie and it kills me!! Not only that but I bruise my thum too! Guys, I dunno if I can carry on .. but I'll carry on abusing the rest of yas!

First up is Azrael, he made wiz tee hee yee hee wahoo! Many many congratulations to ya. Everyone else is so hip-hoppity-happy for you....and for the rest of us who might get at some of the kit now youve gone. But does this mean we'll be seing dcmorts everywhere now? Groan!!!!! Save us all!!

Meridian was the next biggest character to hit the land..and hit a whole load of warlocks and mages as well. My sources tell me he killed two!! mages and three!!! warlocks before he was cut down. Meridian doesn't hide from his previous life as that evil wizzard Droo!... No prizes for guessing how many he killed were wizmorts? After being mortal fodded by Turmoil the warlock Cccc style he dropped off the face of mud now so maybe he's given up.

Sabretooth Zeus and Overlord seem to be making warlocks quickly an loosing them just as quickly. Maybe magedom will visit one day, but those characters aint making much headway yet...

Moondancer and Seamus were doing well....getting points slowly....but as soon as they get anywhere they both quit. Running scared? My sources think so.. They claim their too busy playing Counterstroke to play MUD. What sort of excuse is that?? I thought Moony would be next, too. The shame of it all!!

Thwomp the mage was doing sources pinned him at over 140k when he died. Died?? Died in a fight ....... he won't say who he was fighting (I assume he really does know!) but he said he was doing far more stealing than was healthy. Clearly unhealthy!!

Thwomp changed characters and now played as Fate...Fate saw lots of action but got killed in a threesome. He's rising quickly again, tho...wiz warning? Maybe!!

My sources tell me we've got some random tearoom-mage activity. Both Outkast and Flick have been spotted. Will they play again? Would they leave the tearoom if they did....?

Another highlife Talker turned up a few weeks back. Who is he and where did he come from?? He claims to be an old Wireplay player and some people seem to remember him. But where did he come from after so long and how is he still a warlock?? Could this be a Richardmort? Shivver!!!

Olazabal made warlock. He died. Nuff said.

Top 10 bad boys in the galler are: Po.. Gza.. Destiny.. Art.. Jincks.. Seamus.. Pacman.. Angel.. Zordell.. and Aurora. Kill them all and you're a wizard!!

Guys, why isn't my name up there in lights yet?? Don't I try hard enough? I only died three times last week, too!!

One last mention for Maxmage who they tell me complains if I don't mention him.....Nah, maybe he'll be worth a mention next time. Because ...

I AM....


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