Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 10, June 2001

Welcome to the 10th issue of Muddled Times, and the new look Muddled Times has been running for one year exactly now! A big thank you to everyone who has contributed and supported Muddled Times over this past year, and a big raspberry to everyone who ever doubted that we would get this far!

You may notice this time that the "Newbie Area" section has gone, but this has in fact been replaced with "Game Information" and all the previous issues' "Newbie Area" have been re-named too. This is because the content of this section was never strictly for newbies, there have been and will be articles in there for more experienced players in fact it is a section for everyone!

As usual, if you'd like to send anything in, send me a mail to Thank you very much to everyone who sent letters in this time! Keep them coming in!

A very tragic event happened last month - the death of Gandalf. Many tributes have been made, and they have been collected together here.

For a much missed friend and wiz, Gandalf.


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Authors:Anastasia, Cockroach, Eric, Foddy, Hobnoblin, Karya, LordRayden, Poledra, Vulnax, Wizrundave
Sub-Editors:Bigphil, Clare, Marlight
Links Editor:Wdi
Turkish Delight:Foddy

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