Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 10, June 2001
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 6

Its meeeeeeeee!! Wizrundave returns for yet another month. I've been so busy in the game you wouldn't believe it ..... herodom is nearly mine .... but I know what you guys want! you want the gossip.

I have to say, this games got very quiet since the payment started. Who'd of thought? Sometimes I can even get on alone by my self and rack up ... hundreds! of points!! Nice I know, but it's making the highlife list hard to write.

The biggest mover ..... both UP and DOWN ..... is Dclxvi playing as Renegade. He keeps on going but keeps on dying!! I think that dragon has really got a taste for his hide now and won't let him go... Better luck next time, mate!

My sources say Xzibit is making slow progress. He's back from wherever he went and with a warlock or two under his belt could he be the tortoise to beat Dclxvi to be the first new wizard on this server?? Slowly but surely Im told!!

Moondancer was playing a bit but has stopped now.. Maybe the pressure of a big old warlock got too much for him and he had to lay down his clogs??

Pacman is still a warlock and going nowhere.....has he lost his mojo too? Looks it to me.

I heard a rumour that overlord was making progress, too. Has anyone seen him? Does he exist? Where has he come from?? Where is he going??? Has he gone already??

The rogues gallery has changed a bit ..... which surprised me I thought no one had any points left any more. Olazabal drops of the list, no great loss there. Angel enters at number 8 ... seems to be your standard warlock fodder. Art enters at number 4, my sources know nothing about him!! Finally Gza is the highest new entry at number 2.. last I heard he was a mage but not playing?!

The tea-room gang has changed a lot. We're getting more guests than ever and the tea-room warlock ....not to mention patriarch.... has been wiped off the server!!! Nice work...maybe they'll get some points now. Shame about the guestage tho.

So who are the contenders???? Dclxvi for sure, if he can stay away from that dam dragon. Pacman and Xzibit are the outside bets ....maybe after a year or two of plodding. That leaves just one guessed it, ME! Wizrundate! Soon to be Archrundave the wizard!! Because ...

I AM....


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