Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 9, April 2001
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 5

Its that time again, guys! It's Wizrundave time!!!... I nearly didn't make it to the new server.. I was taking a break from the game because of a personal problem and missed the announcement! BUT! You've not lost me......I'm here for your wizrunning entertainment!

So this new server.. less characters to play with.. will those highlifes be concentrating their time on just one (or three) mages? Will we have a new breed of super-mage making wiz now? Hey, interesting stuff!! I know I'll be there in the blink of an eye...

Lets start with old news, and you can't get much older than Cccc and his fodderage (Hey....I can be withit too!) He seems to be forgotten about completely and with the number of characters being reduced will we ever see someone like him again? Do we care??

On the subject of fodderage, there was a whole loadage of it before the game switched servers... mages Id never even seen before turning up and fodderaging all they could. Rumour is more than one of these were dreaded wizmorts who are banned from the new server. Sooooooo many points went down the drainage....if you dont believe me, read the rogues gallery ...... age.

Azzuri (you may remember him hes on the wizlist) made mage.... but my sources say he killed it off in a strop. Maybe he doesnt care any more but it looked like he was on a brand new wizrun.... watch this space!!!

Snoopy (better known as Gza) made his second mage and got quite high playing in a very low profile and uneventful way....probably going for wiz. But then he stoppped!!!! No clue there, more on him next time I hope.

Xzibit was a new contender recently....seems to be a good player but simply vanished.... my guess is he's a wizmort.

Po must still be a mage but stopped playing it seems...he is one of the few highlifes who still has a big entry in the roges gallery on the new server though, so he must still be around. He's been seen playing as a lowlife lots, maybe he's running scared??

With all the characters vanishing from the old server the rogues gallery may be the place to look for whose left and whose going to make wiz next.....

The top 10 in the gallery are: Po.... Destiny....Jincks....Seamus.... Pacman....Zordell....Olazabal.... Aurora.....Fragma....Djgod.

Does that mean anything?? Guys, I know you rely on me but I just don't know. Maybe next time it'll be clearer.

The tea-room gang seem as chummy as ever. But now it seems less trendy to have matriarchs and patriarchs and instead have warlocks sitting there doing nothing. Prime examples are Billygoat... Testsubjec (one letter short of a warlock I say!!) Clare...Ascendant. Come on guys!!... get out there and show us your worth your points!

Dclxvi is making warlocks at a worryingly fast pace. He MUST be able to make wiz if he added them all up. He doesn't tho!! My sources say it might be old age kicking in.... he'd better make wiz while he can!!

As for the next wiz, I'm a bit behind on my plans for land domination, and so Olazabal is looking like the most likely candidate right now...will he have the guts to convert those points to prizes and make his way up the pearly ladder to wizzage? Only I know....................

I AM....


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