Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 8, February 2001

Welcome back to Muddled Times and the start of another new year! This issue is full of interesting articles and gossip, including an interview with the infamous Jericho: Pop Culture Monkey! Continue sending in your articles, ideas and letters to

This includes sending in your photos and experiences of the forth-coming mudmeet! This mudmeet is planned for the weekend of the 24th February in Blackpool. Take a look at Eric's help page here for more information on the meet as well as help on where to stay.

The latest feature we have to be launched with this issue is an e-mail bulletin sent to subscribers when the issue goes live. This includes direct links to each of the individual articles. Subscribe now to receive your bulletin for the April issue by following the link on the front page.

Until next time!


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Authors:Chillipig, Cordelia, Djgod, Fearless, Foddy, Gehenna, Gleam, Gza, Hobnoblin, Karya, Morloc, Tattler, Wizrundave
Sub-Editors & Proof-Readers:Bigphil, Clare, Cordelia
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