Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 8, February 2001
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 4

Hey guys! I've got so much gossip this month its untrue!.. OK, that's because some of it is.... you just can't get good sources these days!! But you know me, I'm here to dish the real dirt. Read on and see.........

First up has to be Marmite. He's had sooooo many mages! He's died sooooooo many times. What's wrong with him? Doesn't he want to make wiz? Deaths include being fodded by Cccc, being fodded by himself (hey, maybe he likes that warm glowy feeling!!) and just this week dying to the griffin. He's like the terminator, tho - he'll be back, you just see.

Speaking of Cccc, what's happened to him? Rumours of 50, 60, 70, 80 sorcerors all waiting to fod mage after mage. I even heard a rumour he was doing requests! Hey... do you do Elvis? Uh huh huhhh... Seriously, there was a long and long and even LONGER forum discussion between Cccc and Foddy which ended up with Cccc being banned from fodding. My sources say it wasn't serious....but are mages safe now? Will we have a gaggle of new wizzes? I'm first in line!

James made his way up to mage, but was rarely seen. Invisible I guess... couldn't be sneaking.. oh no! Just when everyone thought he would be curfewed he appeared claiming to be 10k from wiz........but he vanishes coming back as protector. Not even an obit to be seen. Weird, huh? Guys, my sources are mystified!!!!

On to the tea room crew.. You've got to admire them. So many points, so much time, so little effort. I even heard of someone not playing in the tea room in case her prefix went walkies. Get with the program! There are people dying out there! news there, still has a mage, still not moving. Seamus ... the very definition of tea room mage. He has been seen swamping flowers tho! Drackion has been seen in the tea room but probably only to stop himself from being deleted. I doubt he could even find his way out any more.

Million was an odd one.. he was steadily gaining points and getting closer and closer to wiz. Then, he seems to lose it and goes down just as steadily... I hear he dropped to warlock and tried to fod one of Marmite's mages. Naturally, not having Cccc's luck, he failed. Gee, everyone must really care about Marmite!

So many dead mages, are there any left??? Sure, there's err ... Ged ..... no, it seems our longest standing mage has been deleted for inactivity. Who else..

Well, Po seems to have dropped in status after nearly making wiz. He's still hanging around in the wings, but seems to have stopped for now........

.....leaving his brother in the hot seat. At least Gza isn't as rude as Po, and he is a mage, too! I knew there had to be one! Maybe it's Gza's turn to go on a wizrun...will we see Gza the wizzlet?

Crazyfool, the crazy fool, seems to have bottled! After making (and loosing) highlifes like a pro, he's gone PP on us! It's shameful, PP indeed!

Vaevictis is another strong contender for the next wiz crown... I heard he made warlock in just two resets....but since then he's been slowing down .... maybe it's old age creeping up on him, maybe he's spending too much time with the tearoom plodettes.

Foz seems to have gone all killer on us... but at least he's a loveable killer. He's rarely seen without his trusty two handed sword......or matching prefix!! Maybe he's trying to emulate his hero Reverence?

... who dewizzed himself only hours after Joey did the same. Are they the new highlifes to watch? Not Reverence, he somehow made wiz back the very next day....that's just evil! Joey was last seen pootling around as a necro. No danger there!

Lastly....and this is last because I've never heard of the guy... but there's this guy called Maxwell who my sources say made a high mage by plodding in the wee hours. Worse still, I'm told he's an old MUD1 wiz!!!! Is he now a wiz here, too? No! Some dastardly so and so finished him off with a nasty old force. Rumour is he doesn't know much about the game, so it may be a while before he's back up to mage. Someone to keep an eye out for, tho!

That's me done...I would tell you stories of my own progress, but I'm playing a new, secret character. And there aren't that many cabalists in the game you know, especially as skilled as me ....

I AM....


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