Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 7, December 2000

Unbelievably the new look Muddled Times has been going for six months now! And it's still going strong - I hope! Reading Muddy's discussion board it seems like some of you are worried about submitting articles to Muddled Times for fear of it being too controversial. Don't worry about controversy, that's what people want to read anyway! What I don't want to put into Muddled Times are articles that give away too much game information that will result in the game being less enjoyable for other players.

Please keep your articles and stories coming in to If you're feeling literacy minded but not up to writing a whole story yourself then take a look at Rocko's article in the Fiction section where you have the opportunity to carry on where he left off!

As always we're still looking for people graphically minded, please contact us on!

Our shiny new toy for this edition is the MUD2 Search Engine courtesy of Foddy. This enables you to search most of the current MUD2 sites in one fell swoop. There is a link from the Muddled Times front page.

Have a fabulous Christmas and see you in time for the next edition in February!


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Authors:Cordelia, Foddy, Foz, Hawumph, Hobnoblin, Karya, Morloc, Poledra, Rocko, Tattler, Theman, Wizrundave
Sub-Editors & Proof-Readers:Agrazag, Bigphil, Cordelia
Links Editor:Wdi
Drinking cider in the sun:Foddy

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