Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 7, December 2000
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 3

Guys, what can I say? .... I was doing so well, I was making good progess at last ... I was on the brink of a breakthrough and well on my way to wiz ..... but then my hero died to the swan. I couldn't be consoled, how could I go on?

So I missed the deadline for my last report and I'm sorrier than a plodding mage ... but Im back now and will be a wiz before you know it!! I'm gonna make up for it here too ...

.... it's been a busy four months ... not as busy as it could have been - not one new wiz... in fact the numbers dropping!

There was a big old crash which wiped out a whole chunk of the highlife crew, partly because of the lost (and gained) characters and partly because of the big old dip in morale. I myself lost near 200 points, unthinkable! Benny took it really badly tho and fodded all of his (and even one of Marmite's .. nice to have friends, eh?) highlifes .... but more on him later! .....

Speaking of Marmite, the yeasty chap appears to be the number one contender for wizdom ... but doesn't seem to be capable of making those last few measly points. Could it be that the wizzes are taking the rumours of Marmite and his gang hacking other players computers seriously? Could it be that he just hasn't got what it takes? Who knows!! Venger and Sephiroth put an end to his latest mage quite neatly I hear. The very next day he made mage again but lost it ... he tried to fod the bash general...... not very public spirited of him. Will he be back?

The tearoom crowd seem to be getting more and more grumpy. They're always unhappy about something. Jincks claims she's playing her mages late at night now ..... I heard she claims this is to get confidence back - not the actual sneaking/plodding it really is!

More on Jincks ... Droo dropped back to mage to fight Jincks .... she thought she could kill him!!! She needed help in the end and Droo tried to fod her for her impertinance. Droo later vanished from the wizlist. What happened there?

....back to the tearoom, a few people keep appearing again if only to stop their characters from being deleted. Drackion is a prime example ... maybe he's forgotten how to leave the tearoom completely!

Foz made it to warlock again ... but lost it. Tsunami has announced he's left .. I just know he'll be back tho. Azzuri did the same, maybe he'll be the next highlife to watch? It's been reported that this was just after he fodded Marmite ... who was then restored. Could the fallen wiz have jumped before he was pushed?

... and back to Benny ... after the crash he seems to have given up the idea of making wiz and moved lock stock and ten smoking fod fingers to ... where just this week I heard a rumour he was 10k from wiz. Since then he's vanished from the top 20 and there's been no news (sheesh, it's hard to get news out of those foreign parts!!!) Has he died? Has he taken the easy way out and made wiz over there?

I could go on, but I can't keep myself away from the game any longer - I've got back to yeoman already and will be up in the dizzy heights of wizdom before you know it .......... because ....

I AM....


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