Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 6, October 2000

It's been a very busy two months in the world of MUD2!

First we had the big crash of 2000, where two months worth of data was irretrievably lost. This meant that everyone's personae had lost points they had gained (or lost!) during that time, as well as losing all the mail and Bulletin Board messages from that time. The game was down for nearly a week due to a hard disk failure which also caused the loss of data, but Richard and Umbrarg (who both work for Gameplay) worked long and hard to bring us back our favourite game!

Following the crash we had the mudmeet! This time our regular hostess Jincks led us to Bristol for a weekend packed full of fun and frivolity. Read Foddy's write-up of the meet here along with the photos he took, and hear what was said here!

Thank you to everyone for continuing to send in your articles, letters and ideas. Please keep on sending them in to me at We desperately need someone graphically minded, so if you think you're up for the job, mail us on

Enjoy this issue!


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