Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 5, August 2000
Section:Game Information

Umbrarg's Island

Quotes from people who have played this quest :-
"There must be a way past the daemon ..."
"He wouldn't have put the statue here if we couldn't swamp it"
"After all of that, couldn't you have warned me there was a sea monster there?"
"How do you work the flying machine?" (BOOM)

In the corner stands a man, seemingly normal, yet undeniably evil. His name is Umbrarg and he has his very own island designed for the sole purpose of torturing mortals and I love it. Umbrarg's island is a huge and atmospheric quest that you can totally lose yourself in (and sometimes quite literally). The quest in total has 262 rooms; the main areas in the quest are the village, the beach, the tower, the mines and the woods. It is impossible to even scratch the surface of this quest in just one reset, there is so much and resets spent exploring this island tend to fly by.

The quest runs as an addition to the normal land. The quest itself is accessible from the Jetty (west of the Railway Line) by entering Trawler; a sign is erected at the Jetty indicating that the quest is running. Upon entering the trawler, you have a short journey across the sea and end up on the Island.

My first impressions of the Island were just being in awe of the size and richness of it all. There was so much to take in, and so much going on - even just between the mobiles of the area! I noticed at first how instead of it being a quest with one goal to solve and a series of puzzles that lead to that goal, it was a land filled with many sub quests, each filled with danger and intrigue. I found that I was constantly being surprised and amazed by this quest (and I still am), from the sheer depth of it all, to the descriptions which I found made it all the more rich.

The island is basically an explorer's paradise, but also readily supports the saying; curiosity killed the cat. I've spent a whole reset trying to solve a puzzle and feeling very proud of myself, only to meet something big, quite scary and got completely beaten up. However don't let that put you off, as well as being a great place to explore the Island has hordes of treasure - as long as you know how to find it (and get it out of where it is).

Another thing that I love are the mobiles, from the kobolds that race around the castle 'A mischievous little kobold (kobold1) giggles mockingly' to the wisps that inhabit the woodland. My favourite mobile so far on the island has to be the poltergeist that lives within the tower, as he silently drifts around, he puts fear into your heart that he will attack. The lively village is a great place to explore, just beware of the dentist and believe the description in the Dentist's waiting room that 'the more preferable exit lies out, to the east'.

Every little detail has been noted in the island, from a dumb waiter in the castle to trap doors in village, and it's these tiny details that make it more enjoyable. My favourite area is the Tower, mainly because it is an achievement to gain access to the tower and again, it's a remarkable area, dangerous and lots to explore. There are so many things that just catch your attention and make you want to find out how they work, personally, I love the Flying Machine (located in the gardens), currently, it has cost me over 14,000 points in silly deaths, but I am determined that one day I will solve it.

In conclusion, the island is a great place to discover and there is so much to do that I find it appeals to most people, you can ask for the Island to be run by Mud-mailing Umbrarg.

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