Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 5, August 2000
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 2

Hey guys! Wow, everyone made wiz! Joey then Sepultura then Reverence - just like I predicted!........ No more abuse! Well done to them...

... and good luck to the strange large-yet-small choir of proffessional plodders that is the replacement highlife crew.

Heading the ass-salt is that nasty anarchist Po, hellbent on storming through the ranks with as little respect for anyone else as metaphysically possible. Rumours of the immense size of his persona sabotage's score have been flying around the Land like jealous bees in a sooted chimney of veiled loathing. Every value from 100k to 195k has been quoted as his most recent score. Whatever it actually is, its bound to have been fattened by Po's special diet of lack of attacks (including Special Brew), truces with the Cccc collective, and kills of the pseudo-etheral greatness of Supersonic... who made wiz, got dewizzed, and then somehow got killed by Po and Foz. Who what when weurrrgh?!? nice work if you can get it guys!

Speaking of Cccc, has he not turned out to be one of the most unlikely yet powerful tyrants of the modern (wireplay) MUD world? my sources say he has around 45 sorcerers waiting in the wings.... anyone with a bit of knowledge of maths and the info from mage SPELLSHELP should be able to work out that probability of success is on his side if he tries to fod anyone he likes! I heard secret talk that his practises were going to get thrown into the big cauldron of criminal offense that is the Looby-looing Act of 1985 ... Maybe, but it makes me wonder..... did previous MUD2s have the same thing happening by individual peeps, and did they allow as many MUD accounts to be created as players wanted?

Anyway, Im not done with Po yet!! It has been made public (violently - see the game BB) that Po kissed his friend Warlord up to mage (from warlock) with one of his own characters... sheesh, does he not know how... how... inefficent that method is?! At least cheat with a bit of intelligence! Out to stop the evil genius mastermind of Po are allegedly the rest of the teletubbies cast - a great and courageous bunch unfortunately doomed to sit motionless in the tearoom until the narrator tells them what to do.....

Mankoid was doing well earlier on.... until he lost two mages on the same day, making a loss of about 250k in only a few hours! he hasn't seem the same since, and is rumoured to be sadly giving up the ghost. Benny has been running up and down with purpose and has also been whacking Po between meals.

Firefarter is still in the doldrums suffering 'technical problems'. Apparently his modem stops sending data related to scoring points and staying alive after he reaches level 5. At least he's not fodding himself, unlike cloud who, er did, over something bounty-related.... or so I keep telling myself.

These players need to look to sing-a-long-Tsunami for tips. He has mages, wages and stages, and isn't even really dying that much. His friend Olazabal really needs to take note. He's dying like "Not Updating Persona" is going out of fashion.

Seamus still has his mage! Jincks has another! Serenety nearly did, but got a bit tired and went for a nap in the tearoom (type CURSE APE to turn sleeping in the tearoom on)

Vulnax, Wdi and Thwomp seem to have disappeared from playing. Rhye made a re-reappearance, and Marmite has been popping around and scoring points. Flick has been popping around and talking about scoring points. And Tom, after a sell-out comeback tour, is strangely vacant once again....

And me? I'm doing well, but it's been a struggle to warrior so far - I'm battling for every point! I overheard it was easier to get up to hero in older versions, but is now a lot harder as the management have taken the giant Appaches out. Too easy to shoot people with, probably. But it doesn't...... matter.... BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!

I AM....


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