Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 5, August 2000
Section:Game Information

Quest of the Elements.

Welcome to the Land wide success that is Agrazag's Quest. In this brochure we will tell you about some of the things you can be doing in this all expenses paid trip to the Elemental Plane.

Before you start your adventure be sure to pick up the free staff of elements and backpack from the mystical crossroads. On your journey you will be braving the fiery pits of the fire area, where evil sprites and fiery daemons walk, not to mention the swimming in the deep-water lagoon. Also you can go pot-holing and see some of the wonderful earth mine, although an accident down there means that part of the earth area has been blocked off.

Watch out for creepy crawlies like ants and slugs on your travels and be sure to try some of the wonderful natural cuisine you will find on your travels. In particular the magical berries with mysterious revitalising powers, or so the locals tell us! If you can get your hands on a pair of wings you can take to the skies and fly with the pixies in the air section. Be warned however, wings are difficult to come by and the local pixie population has been known to be more than a little nimble-fingered!

The go-getters among you will doubtless have read the scroll you receive with your free staff and backpack and will be after the mysterious magical armour. Again we must warn you that in order for you to acquire this rare item, you will have to attempt and conquer all of the four planes. Fire, water, earth and air together hold the key to finding this and other fabled treasures.

Here are a few things that people have said:

"I've been several times and I can tell you it's a great holiday. Makes a relaxing change to the mayhem that is the Land. Them fire sprites are a bit nasty though LOL!" Serenety after an accident with the fire sprites.

"Took me a couple trips before I was finally able to finish the quest, but I really enjoyed it. Wish I knew what the armour did though!" Nokia shortly before becoming Joey the wizard.

"That air area is a real pain in the bum!" Dclxvi after several fruitless hours in the air section getting all his stuff robbed by pixies.

"It's a really good quest. I really like it. Everyone should come and try this quest," Agrazag the wizard, shamelessly plugging his quest.

"<Gibbers madly> ... quest ... and death ... and ... berries ... and ... water ... <gibbers some more> ... and pixies ... damn pixies ... <starts eating his backback> ... humphfrugll ... " Foz after playing the quest for the first time.

Thank you for holidaying with Agrazag Airlines. Please enjoy your stay. And remember it's not over until you swamp the treasure!

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