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Issue:Issue 29, March 2005
Section:News & Gossip

Land Design Competition

Would you like to design a new area of land for the game? If so, enter our latest competition - three lucky winners (one wiz, two mortals) will have the opportunity to do just that. One of these new areas of land will be accessible each reset.

This competition is based on an idea Richard had planned. Many thanks to him for allowing us to use his idea.

You will need to think of an area that will fit into about 30-50 rooms. While it will be separated from the rest of The Land, it should still be in keeping with the rest of the game (so no laser-pistols, please!)

For this number of rooms, you'll need to be thinking of an area about the same size as "Il Castellare" - although you certainly aren't limited to a building. The area could be just be there to add some atmosphere to The Land, or it could contain some simple puzzles, it's up to you.

You will then need to enter the competition, providing the details listed below which should give a good idea about your area without giving away too much. All suitable entries will then be put to public vote.

The winners will then work with Turrican to build the new area. Once complete, the area will be permanently added to the game and activated randomly.

To enter, please provide:

  • A brief overview of what your area of land will be
  • Sample room descriptions of three adjacent rooms
  • Expected number of rooms
  • Rough idea of the mobiles and objects, if any

A good entry should:

  • Be an original idea
  • Fit in with the existing game
  • Be atmospheric and fun
  • Not be overly complex

Multiple entries will be allowed, but for practical reasons, only one area per player can win.

Complex objects can be added, but within limits. It's hard to say exactly where those limits would be - something which appears complex could actually be quite simple, and vice versa.

If there's something horrendously complex, it may be that this could be "exchanged" for a few less rooms.

Note that winning the competition will involve spending a significant amount of time completing your area. Please only enter the competition if you expect to be able to complete your area.

Entries may be made either by an individual or a group. The authors' names will be kept anonymous for the purpose of voting. I know that this may not prevent people from finding out, but we would like to encourage people to keep their ideas to themselves - if only to stop others from pinching their ideas! The winning areas will have a permanent object in them to immortalise the winner's name (or winners' names).

Please send all entries to: The deadline for inital submissions is the 1st May.

Don't be disheartened if you don't win this time - if the competition goes well, there will be chances in the future to submit further ideas.

If you have any questions about the competition, please reply to this post on the General Chat forum so that everyone can benefit from the replies.

Good luck!

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