Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 28, September 2004

For this issue I have many people to thank. This is certainly an entertaining and eclectic issue and all thanks to the people listed below in the acknowledgements.

I would particularly like to thank Turrican, Havoc, Theman and Crowley. Turrican had the thankless job of converting many of the logs you'll read in this issue into colour and then editing them. He did all of this under a great time restraint too. Havoc has shown great enthusiasm for projects for Muddled Times. Many of these ideas you will read in this issue, including his management of the "author feedback" system.

As always Theman and Crowley have done a great job at both sub-editing and providing articles of their own. Both have done this with huge time pressures.

Without these four people and everyone else on the acknowledgement list below Muddled Times couldn't happen. So, once again, thank you!

You too can help keep Muddled Times going, either by providing articles, or making comments using the "author feedback" system (click the link below the relevant article), or even just sending in an image for the Persona Pictures quiz.

Please send in any articles you have to me at

Thank you!


This issue of Muddled Times was brought to you by:

Authors:Crowley, Firedemon, Foddy, Havoc, Hawumph, Karya, Laura, Marlight, Rosie, Theman, Thwomp, Vordai, Wizrundave, Zordell
Artwork:Peter Pracownik
Author Feedback:Havoc
Sub-editors:Crowley, Theman
Log editor:Turrican

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