Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 28, September 2004

Ventures North

As I was wandering through the Land
It seemed that someone took my hand,
And led me through some tunnels long,
Dark and damp. But I stayed strong
'Til out I was cast into the light
To see a citadel, gleaming bright.
Whereupon, to my immense delight,
I did behold a wondrous sight.
A golden eagle hover'd there,
Gloriously grand. I smiled and stared.
But! Then the eagle with feathers fair
Did gouge my eyes and tore my hair!
I do confess, I upped and fled
Before the great bird killed me dead.

I slept awhile there on the ground,
Then woke, with faeries gather'd round!
For faeries though, they were right weird,
With hobnailed boots and flowing beards.
I smiled, curtsied, bid them 'Good day',
But they just glowered and barred my way.
They smote me then, with poker and pick!
I made my excuses and legged it quick!

So, now I sit and drink my tea.
No faeries nor birds can bother me.
To those who venture North I say,
"Are you MAD?
It's crawling with bloody monsters out there!!"

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