Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 28, September 2004
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 24

So, I'm sitting in the Admiral Bombow enjoying the odd ale or seven, and this guy walks into the bar ..... ouch! Tee hee sorry guys. But I was really sitting there, drinking an ale or eight..... and Poptart the superhero walks in and asks for a pint. The barman looks at him and says "Sorry! We don't serve junk food here!!" Oh dear..... oh dear.....oh deary me!!!!

You know guys, I'm really sorry about that, but some days I just can't help it! Like the other day when I was .... no!! Someone stop me! OK, ok, let's talk about some highlifes to keep the old mind busy.

So.. what's been going on in the highlife world? Death and destruction or fun and frolics? Well my sources say it's more frolicking than destructing right now .... aw! Not fair!! You'd think the wizards would at least put on SOME entertainment for us!.... jeez! It's just not like the old days, huh?

Well, I'll see what I can do to help ..... oooh yes! I did hear about a mage prancing around the land on just two, yes TWO stamina!! Guess what happened to him......Presto gets whapped by Mexico. One less mage....silly sod!

I guess that's destruction or is it just suicide? But then maybe suicide is better than being verminated!! Poor old Footpad (who we know and love as Thwomp) made the mistake....and with the help of a couple of stumpys, vermy sent him right back to the tearoom.

Speaking of tearoom antics, I did hear that Laura (queen of the teatime) was not only spotted in the land.. but stayed out long enough to make herself sorry for it!! Laura is no more... long live Laura!! Way to go anyway.......

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!! oh!!!! How could I forget?? Something a-maze-ing has happened!! Listen closely, guys .......... the rogues gallery has been updated!! Not the complete refresh we'd all like, I'm afraid .... but movement at last!

Zordell (who was number eight in the charts) has vanished altogether... missing, presumed slayed!! Not only that, but we have a brand new contestant right in at second-spot! Art at number one is yet to be beaten, but he's trying hard .... at number two is..... Carl!! Someone must've had points to burn this month!!! The rest of the chart is less interesting, but from three downwards is Gza, Destiny, Juncks, Seamus, Packman, Sassenach, Sanguinius and Archangel bringing it up in the rear.

Hey! Movement at last! And now on to my one to watch for this month....I'm not sure even I can believe what I'm thinking... but my one to watch this month .... is ....... noneother than .... Laura!! Rumour is she's out of the tearoom and moving fast!! Keep an eye on her, guys!

That's about me done for this month, but before I go let me tell you about a couple of wizards I heard about....they were walking through the woods and they find these tracks. The first wizard says he thinks they're grizly bear tracks and the other thinks they're dragon tracks.... so they follow them for a while to find out ......and they get run over by a train.

........ok .... I really must stop now. Really. But I'll be back soon... I will be back ......

Because ...

I AM....


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