Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 27, June 2004

Continuing the theme from the previous issue, there is Group Discussion instead of an interview. This discussion revolves around the theme of "male vs female players".

The Gender Questionnaire based upon the orginal female Group Discussion has elicited some interesting points. This forms the basis of an article to be found here.

The results of last issue's Demographics Questionnaire have been pulled together by Theman and can be read here. Also to be found in the Questionnaire section is another questionnaire by Havoc revolving around his "Rumour Has It" series. Please go here to fill in this short and fun questionnaire.

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Authors:Foddy, Havoc, Hawumph, Karya, Theman, Turrican, Wizrundave, Zordell
Artwork:Peter Pracownik
Author Feedback:Havoc

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