Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 27, June 2004
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 23

It's hot out there ... damn hot... And I'm in here sweating over my notepad and pencil writing this month's news and gossip. But you know I love it, don't you guys?? I love it because it's just soooooo ........ so ... so let's just get on with it!!

It's been a funny old time recently.....sometimes my sources are quiet for days (is NOTHING going on??) but then I get floods of tears.....tears? I mean gossip!! coming in all in one go. Maybe gossip is like busses.....big and red..

Anyway.. we all know what the big bit of old highlife gossip is this month. After playing for donkeys years and dying more times than just about everyone else put together, Mister Sabretooth finally got his ass into gear and made wizard!! Jeez! About time....... sorry nice mr wizard I didn't mean it really ... (did I get away with it? Heheh!)

One person who didn't make wizard this month.... and god no he's not the only one.... but as he was my one to watch last month he holds a special place in my old heart. So, my sources tell me Firedemon died.... his warlock falls to Outbox... or was it Heaton?? or .... just yesterday one of my sources say he died to someone else... now I'm afraid I've failed you all as I forgot the name, but it wasn't Outbox OR Heaton!! My source says he wasn't best pleased either.... could they all be right? Has Firedemon really lost three warlocks since we last spoke??

It seems warlocks are personas of choice for the MUD players of today... every time I check out the old obit or hear gossip from a little birdie, it's always...ALWAYS warlocks these days!! So what's with it?? Silly (warlock) is out being errrr...silly! and Inexorable (warlock!) comes along and beats him up. Silly dies (novice....but he WAS a warlock, see?) And someone invisible (BOUND to be a warlock) goes and kills Althalus (warlock) who goes and offs Apeomancer (warlock!!!!!) Jeez! Get some lowlifes!

With all those warlocks dying, you'd think there would be some movement on the old rogues gallery front... but no! Not one change. Boring or what?? HELLO???? FODDY??? It's spring time you know SPRING CLEANING time!! Come on ... what will it take??

Yeah I know... practically summer now, but you've got to try! And I do......

So, what's left this month?? Oh yes! My one to watch.. for the first time in ... well, for ever, I'm going to pick the same person two months running!! No, it's not because I hate him and think he didn't get enough attention from ye olde curse (THREE warlocks, remember!) But it's because well.... I really think he needs watching this month.... come back next time to see if I'm right!

So that's about it for this month. Time to go back outside and try to wilt less in this heat..... still, could be worse.... I could be a warlock!!!

So see you guys next time, and until then I'll be keeping an ear to the gossip-vine for you .....because

I AM....


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