Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 26, March 2004

As you may have noticed this timing of the issues has now changed from every two months to every three. I've had less time to devote to Muddled Times these days which is why the change. Because of this, I haven't been able to chase you lot up for your articles. Don't wait for me, take the initiative!

Instead of an interview this issue there is another Group Discussion. This discussion revoles around the theme of "female players". Hawumph will be hosting a similar discussion but from the male perspective for the next issue, so read the article and pepare your come back!

On a related subject there is a questionnaire, please take the time to feel this in, your feedback will contribute to a further article on the subject in the next issue.

There is also a questionnaire to collect some demographics of the MUD players. This questionnaire compliments Theman's article entitled "Too Old To Play MUD?". What do you think? Read the article and use the author feedback form.

Please send in any articles you have to me at

Thank you!


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Authors:Crazyfool, Foddy, Hawumph, Karya, Laura, Oberon, Theman, Wizrundave
Artwork:Peter Pracownik, Stormborn
Author Feedback:Havoc
Sub-editors:Crowley, Theman

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