Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 26, March 2004
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 22

Hey, guys! You would NOT believe how much I've been doing? Would ya? Never!! I've been .... to all sorts, anyway... From one side right to the other and back again....exploring, battling.... killing and of course being really nice to those wizards!! Heh!!!

And now I got myself a good old map and I'm dying.... dying! ..... to get back out there and explore some more.. and you should see some of the people I meet when out exploring!

First off, there's this guy called Philtaylor. Weird name, huh?? Yeah, turns out he's in disguise... and when he makes wizard it all makes sense.. he's that old wizard Joey back from wherever he now I know why he was faster than me to those wafers!!

Would ya believe it, but there was another wiz as well?? He goes by the name of Jay.... or he did until he was untouchable.......goes and makes wizard him self then changes name.

What is it with wizards these days changing their names?? Are they scared to play with their real names??? Or do they think if they change name people will forget about the people they killed?...

....and my sources tell me Mike (that's who Jay was, did I mention it??) stepped over a few bodies on his way up the ladder. Two I heard about were some warlock called Null and Footbad (one of Thwomp's warlocks)....

One of my sources told me Agony (who was my one to watch a few months back) came back and looked like he was going to make me all warm inside by giving someone else all his points.......but then decided to be all boring and stay alive... Some people, huh?

Oh but Tempest ... who I had down as my one to watch last month .... he did the decent thing and died. My sources tell me they think Jaja got the honours here, but you never can tell!!

And talking of curses, that pretender POTM curse thing went and took a victim in the shape of Xcaliber. Now he claims he's giving up on psychos or something like that..... what can he mean? .... the curse was executed by Umbongo who went and died right the next reset!! Do ya think it's catching???

Not everyone got killed by a mad killer of course.... some people died to the good old fashioned touchstone.... not least Englebert who was a mage!! Ouchies!!! My sources think he was a wizmort tho.... so that's OK then.

And not everyone dies at all, like those bores who monopolise the gallery of's barely change in........WHAT??? Oh... my ... god! Talk about a major change!

The top six are the same as ever: Art, Gza, Destiny, Jincks, Seamus and Pacman. But at 7, there's someone NEW!! Someone must have points buring holes in their pockets!! At 7, we've got a new entry..... Sassenach! But it gets better.. after Zordell at 8, Sanguinius is another new entry at 9!!!! Archangel completes the picture at 10.

Woah! Good work, guys! Keep it up.... and if you're feeling REALLY daring, maybe knock one or two of the top six off instead??

So someone REALLY doesn't like Sassenach, and I have heard he's been shoving his weight about a bit.... maybe that's why..Don't worry, I'll find out more for next month.

As usual, I've got a one to watch to offer you... this guy has been hanging around the warlock/mage border like he doesn't know which side he wants to be. But I hear he's a bit of a dark horse, and he's gonna be going all out for it soon enough.... my one to watch this month is Firedemon. Good luck!!! Heheh!!!

It's funny the way you meet such a weird lot of people playing... but then it's weird when you don't meet half the funny lot too!! Uhhh... never mind!!

I'm going to go back exploring now, and I expect we'll meet sooner or later....I'll be out there somewhere.........

Because ...

I AM....


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