Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 25, December 2003
Author:Karya & Foddy

Muddled Times Awards 2003

It's December already and you know what that means! It's time for the annual Muddled Times awards! So grab the popcorn, sit back and let's get the ceremony under way.

Once more, it's been a good year for websites and our award for the best website goes to Hawumph's Not Updating Persona. Of course, not all sites ever come to fruition, and for this reason, Sonic wins the prize for most anticlimactic website.

There's also been a lot of death and destruction this year. The prize for the most spectacular kill goes to Deville the mage for barely managing to survive a fight with Nicodemus by succeeding in fodding him at the last moment. And so, this also means that Nicodemus must win the award for the death closest to wizdom.

Of course, some things never change and Tarl yet again wins the prize for most absent wiz. On the subject of wizzes, Billygoat wins the prize for being the whackiest wiz.

Yoda seems to receive an award every year, and this year is no exception, he wins one for player who has pulled off the most curious vanishing act. Perhaps this is something to do with the previous awards he won! Gestur wins the award for the most noticeable absence.

Drucilla and Reverence jointly win the award for the most infamous couple. Another familiar pair are Rosie and Crowley who win the prize for the most notable return to MUD2. The most noticeable wiz return goes to Cat.

And now some awards for the guests. This year, the award for the most enigmatic guest goes to Mudguest. Further awards for guests go to Heiach and Pippin for once again being the most loyal guests. Another player often seen in The Land as a guest is Laura. For the second year in a row she wins a prize, but not the same award. This year she wins the award for most creative arguments.

We've had even more newbies this year, which is good news. As always some don't stay for very long, but others become part of the establishment. One such player is Nemesis who wins the award for most advanced newbie. Crowley meanwhile wins the award for most prolific recruiter of newbies due to his raving article about MUD2 on

As always, we have a prize for the most abused mobile, and this year it goes to a guest mobile, the lemmings!

We have some prizes this year for contributors to Muddled Times. The joint prize for most enthusiastic supporters of Muddled Times goes to Theman, Crowley and Havoc. Most entertaining editorial goes to Crowley and Theman.

Of course this wouldn't be Christmas without a few sillies, and so Mike wins the award for player most in need of a dictionary! Tsunami wins the award for player more likely to slaughter songs than you. And of course, Silly wins the silliest prize for silly names.

Last, but by no means least, Hawumph and Turrican win the award for the players who've taken longest to spot the joke!

It's been a great year, join us next year for more fun and frolics!

Karya & Foddy

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