Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 25, December 2003

Greetings to this December edition of the Muddled-Times! With Karya’s current absence it’s up to me to welcome you to this, another spectacular issue packed with the usual frenzy of articles.

With the usual, and some rather unusual, seasonal delights bearing down upon the game this Christmas it is of course my duty to remind you of them! Thursday 18th from 9pm is a time for giving reckless mayhem to the game, although some may merely deem is sweet vengeance. Of course Christmas would not be complete without the annual MUD Christmas event, this year a scavenger hunt (taking place on the 22nd) organised by our own Karya. Finally with MUD being free on Christmas and Boxing Day you hardly have an excuse not to spend Christmas there.

Being the final issue of 2003 it is perhaps time to reflect and wrap up the Muddled-Times year. Thanks must go, as always, to Karya’s efforts in producing such a high-quality product every issue and not forgetting the army of contributors who make much of this possible. So, to make next year even better remember to keep on submitting! Send all articles, stories, news and ‘Where’s Karya?’ conspiracy theories to

Merry Christmas,


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Authors:Apeomancer, Crowley, Foddy, Hawumph, Havoc, Karya, Lexley, Rosie, Theman, Wizrundave
Artwork:Benny, Crowley & Rosie, Laura, Peter Pracownik, Stormborn
Author Feedback:Havoc
Sub-editors:Crowley, Theman

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