Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 25, December 2003

Top 100, Dead or Alive

This chart shows the top 100 mortals who have played over the last two months (1st October - 30th November 2003).

The top 100 represents the highest score that each individual player achieved at any point in time during the last two months, regardless of whether they have died later. You also get to see the players' level (and even prefix) at the time they reached their highest score.

Interesting facts for this issue:

  • Outkast, who is number 1 was in the process of making wiz - that's a wiz two issues running!
  • The top two players were both dragon slayers, but was it worth it?
  • Undertaker and Inferno jointly win the prize for longest prefix - is there a story here?

I hope you enjoyed this issue's charts!

Top 100 Mortals, October/November 2003

1Outkast the dragon-slaying mage
2Carl the dragon-slaying mage on call
3Agony the mage
4Countess the dragonfly-slaying, country mage
5Xcaliber the mage
6Tempest the mage
7Lady Hallelujah
8Kazoo the dragon-slaying mage
9Sassenach the mage
10Beta the mage
11Flick the mage
12Maxmage the questing mage
13Sir Incognito
14Mmmmm the mage
15Archangel the mage from heaven
16Cathal the mage
17Drucilla the mage
18Roobarb the mage
19Aidon the mage
20Strider the mage
21Caryss the matriarch
22Gilgamesh the dragonfly-slaying patriarch
23Unknown the warlock
24Crowley the legend
25Rik the warlock
26Sin the warlock
27Blueeyes the warlock
28Apeomancer the surrealist warlock
29Fongsaiyuk the warlock
30Uruk the warlock
31Jaja the warlock
32Hotshot the warlock
33Stonecold the dragon-slaying warlock
34Boddington the minstrel
35Umbongo the warlock
36Potnoodle the warlock
37Spellbound the warlock
38Dinobot the warlock
39Wu the warlock
40Angelus the warlock
41Drunkmunky the warlock
42Warlord the warlock
43Oneiros the warlock
44Zagaroth the warlock
45Starvnmarv the dragonfly-slaying warlock
46Silly the legend
47Serenety the warlock
48Mordecai the warlock
49Neverever the warlock
50Satan the warlock
51Killdozer the warlock
52Damnit the legend
53Termite the dragon-slaying warlock
54Nickolai the warlock
55Serbitar the legend
56Sabin the warlock
57Darknight the warlock
58Duffman the warlock
59Singe the warlock
60Shalakazam the warlock
61Heiach the warlock
62Angel the warlock
63Undertaker the giant-killing, halloween soldier warlock
64Dodo the warlock
65Cenedra the matriarch
66Firedemon the warlock
67Severina the warlock
68Timmy the warlock
69Yar the warlock
70Vampnight the warlock
71Dronko the matriarch
72Gehenna the warlock
73Gloomy the warlock
74Albarry the dragon-slaying warlock
75Breshard the dragonfly-slaying warlock
76Reverse the warlock
77Tlc the warlock
78Vulnax the warlock
79Elizabeth the warlock
80Ocasey the warlock
81Tharg the warlock
82Filth the warlock
83Mike the dragonfly-slaying necromancer
84Pooface the necromancess
85Mistress the dragon-slaying necromancess
86Ormus the necromancer
87Uno the dragon-slaying necromancer
88Monty the necromancer
89Isileth the necromancess
90Kais the necromancer
91Laura the necromancess
92Indigo the necromancer
93Foz the necromancer
94Eric the necromancer
95Inferno the giant-killing, halloween soldier necromancer
96Nemesis the necromancer
97Zordell the delirious necromancess
98Kenny the necromancer
99Wayzgoose the necromancess
100Celes the prelate

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