Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 25, December 2003
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 21

Yeeesh! Is it cold? ... I just can't bear it, I can feel the cold in my old bones. It's not so bad in the tea room, but out in the cold old land, it's freezing!!!! Jeez!! Can't the wizards warm things up?? Maybe a few fods would do it.......

Heh! I'll stay in the tea room I think..anyway, it's time to bring you my usual highlife highlights!!

Of course I'm sure you lot know already, but we lost one highlife....poor guy!! It happens to the best of us y'know.....he went and got himself wizarded! Damn!! I was so sure it'd be me next .......

Nevermind! Back to business... My sources have been a bit quiet this month, has no one been doing anything risky? Or now Benny made wizard is there no one left to die???

I did hear about a couple of doozers, though!! It seems Countess (better known as Mike) took on some little dwarfs and lost....Oh! And some warlock called Oneeros gave a helping hand.

Nasty stuff, huh?? But not as nasty as Carl!! Remember last month I said he was almost a wiz? Well I heard from sources VERY close to the horse's mouth that he died to an invisble Wu because he had broken wafers that didn't work when he ate them!! Gee! The luck of the guy....

So, guys, what now? No more deaths huh? I better look at some of the living ones then!!! First time for everything, huh?

I'm told my one to watch from last month, Agony, is still alive ... but then that's not such a big deal as my sources say he's barely been seen! I know my curse is powerful, but that's no reason to run and hide from it!!

The rest of the living lot seem to hide out in the tearoom .....err! I wouldn't do that, not ever, no!! Never mind.. Oh deary......

...So what about them rogues? Ya know, that infamous bunch from the gallery? Well I'm used to saying it's just like last month....but no! It's just like two months ago!!!! Riptide, pushed down to 11th last month gets back up to 10th position thanks to Carl.. OK, it's not exactly exciting...I know!!!

So who is going to be my one to watch for this month?? Tough call! It's not an easy one this time... I guess I have to trust my sources...... this guy has come up from nowhere and he's moving fast! But my sources say he's not a wizmort....really! He's Tempest, watch out for the name!!

Cool.....or should I say cold?? Cold! Damn cold. So damn cold... never mind. I can't see any fods warming me up any time soon so maybe running around the land will keep me warm instead!

So I'm going to get my ice pick out and go out and my enemies will freeze! Because!!

I AM....


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