Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 25, December 2003
Section:Dragon Island Dates

Dragon Island Dates

This is a new column based on the British Radio 4 programme "Desert Island Discs" Every issue I ask a number of players the following:

"If you were stranded on the Dragon Island which 5 players (past and/or present) would you like to be stuck with and why?"

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There are a lot of people I'd take to Dragon Isle just to have the pleasure of viewing them as a pile of smoking ash. If I had to spend the time without the dragon around to keep things lively then there are only a few people I'd want to take:

Fruitbat: Most people remember Fruitbat as either a well played female alter-ego or a frightening killer. But for me he was the first person to inspire me to try new things. Fruitbat was always fun to be around and a very dry sense of humour that would help to pass the time.

Antman & Boggy: The two most fun people I've met on mud, especially together. I like funny. Antman and Boggy take practical jokes, taking the mikey and sexual innuendo to whole new levels of excellence. If I'm gonna be stuck on Dragon Isle then these guys would have to be there to keep me amused.

Karya: Another immortal, what can I say. I mingle with all the Higher Ups *coughs* <brown nose>. Karya has the all-important ability of making time pass with gossip and humour whilst somehow maintaining a dignified front in the face of my constant innuendos and perverted comments. Hopefully whilst on the Dragon Isle I can persuade her to don a latex body suit and a pair of furry ears.

Zordell: Ahhhh, last but not least. Zordell is the first person I really got to know in The Land, and nearly 5 years later we're still friends. Says a lot that, knowing how annoying I can be. She'd have to be there too. Just because :)



OK, Here's my five very lucky companions that I'd take to the Draggy Isle.

I gotta take Humpy (Hawumph) with me, I mean the dragon would kill him no doubt, but at least we get some entertainment watching him get fried.

Marmite I'm sure would blagg his way there. Taunting-wise there's no better so he can distract the flying rat whilst evil Turrican goes and hacks that sucker to death with his winning personality ... and longsword :)

I'd have to take Billygoat too, might take some time to find that dragon and a fool can come in handy on those dark cold nights.

And lastly, but by no means last, I'd take Zordell. Well, we need a woman to cook and clean for us don't we!

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