Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 24, October 2003
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 20

It's getting cold...and the nights are drawing in, so I thought I'd tell you guys a little story....

It was a night like this many many years ago and I was in The Land hunting for treasure....minding me own business .... and before I can say "who's there?" I'd dead as a dodo!!

And I never found out what got I'm not going out again on a night like this oh no. Instead I'm going to write my little bit about the highlifes and one or two of the lowlifes too!

This big news this month has to be Vlad....who? I'd never heard of him but my sources say hes been bubbling up for a while now.... and now he's a wizard!! Woah! Talk about highlifes.....and not once my one to watch. Hmmm! Maybe that's how he made it??

After all the death last month my sources haven't found nearly as much to keep me busy this month. Has there been less death about or have my sources been slacking?? I need to know!

But one death I did hear about was really very silly!! Silly (a high warlock) was Bungled! No.... not bundled, Bungled! Heheh!! I'm sorry!!! Really! I am!!! Hehehe!!! Oh deary deary!

Not all the deaths were so funny....... and Stan lost a medium-size mage to Deville. And let me tell you, guys, he didn't like that much at all. Deville later vanished in a puff of foddage... no tears spilled there!!!

Last month Zanthia was boasting to me about how he killed off 7 mages single-handedly... He didn't boast about any to me this month at all... maybe that's because he was a mage himself when he died ....... to the touchstone .... Bzzzzzap! Didn't his mother tell him not to play with the touchstone when he's already got magic???

Some of the highlifes this month didn't at 11! I already mentioned Vlad.... he managed to hang on in there. Also on that list is Carl. My sources tell me he's nearly wizard ...but then they've been saying that for months and months and months.

Of course there have been the usual tea-room possy and they seem to be getting bigger! Jincks.....Flick....Archangel.....need I say more??

Oh yes!!! Last I heard, my one to watch from last month is still alive, guys!! Was he daring in the face of my one to watch curse? Did he survive the onslaught of wizmorts out for blood? Or did he just drink tea until we'd forgotten about him? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I wonder!!!

I've still got my one to watch for this month, but I think I'll leave that for a while.... first up is my traditional look at the land's most infamous rogues...

Top of the pops this month (as for just about the rest of history!) is Art. Following him closely behind is Gza and Destiny trots along after him. Juncks sits in fourth place and Seamus is just ahead of Pacman who's in sixth place. The next three places go to Zordell, Archangel and Aurora and tenth goes to ... WHAT ??? No Riptide???? No! He's pushed down to eleventh.... and Carl makes it into the top 10. Poptastic!

So the time has come to pick my one to watch ... who should it be? I was soooooo tempted by Carl because he's been mentioned so many times by my sources ... but maybe that's a good reason not to?? I think he's too slow to be a one to watch.

So my one to watch this week is a bit of a dark horse. I've not mentioned him yet but my sources say he's making steady progress. My one to watch for this month is ....... Agony!

Late news!! I was just told we had another highlife death .... a REALLY high life. Reverence has gone to meet his maker. Does this mean no more revmorts? No more death in the land?? Tune in next month to find out!!

Hey, it may be cold outside but I don't care. I think it's time to get back out there .....I'm going to tough it out like the best of them..... you know why? Because ...

I AM....


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