Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 21, April 2003

Muddled Times is approaching its third year anniversary and now its time to step back and take a look at where the magazine is going. To help me determine what it best for Muddled Time's future I have devised a poll to ascertain what you think of Muddled Times.

Muddled Times has never had a larger audience. The number of people viewing the site is up ten-fold from when it first went live. In June 2000 alone there were 402 visits to the site and in February 2003 alone there were 4712 visits to the site. These figures exclude referrals from search engines. However, the number of actual articles being read has remained stable over the last three years with there being between 1000 and 1500 article pages being read every month i.e. pages that contain an article and not any of the index pages.

Clearly lots of people are reading Muddled Times but not so many people are contributing. When I first started up Muddled Times it was with the intention of running a magazine for the MUD2 community and by the MUD2 community. However, if the needs and wants of the readership has shifted then I hope that will be reflected in the results of the poll.

Muddled Times has reached a set of cross-roads and I need to know where to take it from here. Whether that be taking a different direction or to close it down. Either way I need your feedback so please fill in the poll which is to be found in the Articles section.


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Authors:Crazyfool, Foddy, Hawumph, Havoc, Horace, Karya, Lexley, Rear-Admiral Bimbo, Wizrundave
Artwork:Peter Pracownik, Stormborn
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