Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 21, April 2003
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 17

You gotta listen to this. The wizards are out to get me!! You remember I told you last month about my magic-user? Yeah? Well I'm no longer a seer, not even a soothsayer!! ... you guessed it, I'm Wizrundave, and I am a cabalist! Are you guys jealous yet?

Anyway!! I think the wizards are out to get me.....I was just standing there minding my own beeswax and I get summoned by the vampire! Jeez! I almost had a heart attack. You'll be delighted to know I survived .. just! So I'm going to take a break from my wizrun to write this month's column.

I ended last month with my one to watch, Flashback .... I really must appologise for that... Not one to watch at all, no one saw hide nor hair of him for weeks and now I hear he's gone and got himself killed too. This month, I promise I've got someone lined up who will be worth watching, trust me there!!

So, Flashback goes on this month's obit. Don't worry, he's not alone!! ... joining him are Thwomp and Teneighty, both (now ex) warlocks who seemed to die in one big bundle with Akroma.. I don't know who attacked who, but Akroma was left reaping the rewards. My sources tell me Akroma isn't around any more...... I guess he died laughing!!!

Maybe he was a PK?? My sources didn't say... but one I was told about was Kil. Turns out he lived up to his name and ..... well, Kiled. He was doing really well, too.. I was even considering him for my one to watch this month.....but then he got all cocky and tried to kill the touchstone. Bzzzzzzzzt!

Fried warlock, tasty! Not everyone died of course. Some still live on ... Footpad seeded to manage to keep his warlock from last Month....

Have you noticed that characters won in events usually die? Maybe people just don't care as much about them..... either way Footpad seems to have lived on, so there goes that theory.

I mentioned Severina making warlock last month ... seems she's been relegated to the "resting on laurels" department. That's right next door to the squatting in tearoom department, but with a nicer crowd. Maybe Severina will get her act together this month?

Corwin who was doing a fine job last month of keeping his warlock..... didn't do such a good job this month. Maybe he died to one of those PKs he was taunting, serves him right! I've not heard anything of him since, so my guess would be he's changed plans!!

Oh! I've gone back onto deaths again, sorry...... perhaps we should check the top 10 rogues for this month.

At 10..... oh! why do I bother? Nothing ever changes!! Art yada, yada, yada, Aurora. Come on, guys! You can spare the points! Oh, what's the point???

So, it just leaves me to talk about my one to watch for this month. He's come out of nowhere and recently been seen as a warlock... My sources say he's a bit of a sly one and may be wiz before anyone notices..... it seems he's relentless. No! I misread my notes... he IS Relentless! Good luck to him................

So, back to my own wizrun. I've got a box of wafers and more powerful magic than you could possibly imagine. I can't be stopped, magician, here I come!!! BECAUSE ...

I AM....


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