Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 4, June 2000
Section:News & Gossip



Pleash, someone help... I've been curfewed from my wizrun by the wizzes and forced to write a super critical column about the actions and opposite reactions of my fellow highlife players for their sprucy new magazine.

I was nearly swordsman. I'm not happy guys. So first up for the abuse is therefore Reverence. I saw him in the tearoom the other day - no easy task considering the number of peeps who regularly orbit about his buttocks. He's using up my potential fan base, as well as the tearoom's oxygen supply with his non-stop back-to-back moanathon. "In his spare time, he does mages in a day, but does not carry enough fod protection around. This is pretty good. Almost as good as....."

... "peas for brains" Joey was doing before he messed up his last mage and devolved into Angry Activist Joey (TM) - his low level deaths and ongoing blood feud with that mad man named Firefarter have affected his performance a lot. He can't even muster a fluster of a bluster whatever that means.

Talking of Dclxvi, his scary obsession with the continued destruction of Joey’s many characters is also stopping him from getting anywhere, and although he did grab a new mage not so long ago, he’s now so far into his madness, doctor, that it didn't last very long... Put your hands in the air and walk away from the coracle.. slowly....

When Fruitbat made wiz nearly a month ago, there seemed to be a whole bunch of people jostling for second place with stacks of highlevel characters on the betting table. So what's happened to these wannabes now? For a start Benny (the man in the Moon) and Mankoid (the 'crazy fool') seemed to have just given up. What's that all about, and what are they scared of? They allegedly had well over half a mil stored between them under different names, yet they're not to be seen. I don't understand it, especially now that access is so cheap.

While I'm on the subject of Fruity's wizzing... Why is Wdi continuing to sulk forever dying those 'accidental' deaths of his? Like the rest of these guys, he's not going to get anywhere unless he pulls his finger out.... out... out and about....

Since the big event: Olazabal got another mage... and then he lost it :). Enough said on that one. Cloud also got a mage and is holding on to it with both hands coated in glue. There are also rumblings in the european division of Fleet's fan club corporation about her trying for 'greater things than mage'. Go on then! Mmm Marmite...

Past highlife peeps Prodigy and Flick have been making reappearances - is this building up to official comebacks? Tom, too. He fodded a mage (er, one of his own) before but he's surely coming back to wreak havoc on other people's set scores in the near future.

Ok, that's about it. Everyone not mentioned now has something to aim for :). Everyone who was mentioned now has something to aim at. Don't all attack at once, guys.

Guys, I like you all really. Most of you do pretty well when you try hard enough :). BUT you'll never be as good as me because....

I AM....


Now let me out

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