Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 4, June 2000
Section:Game Information

Quest of the Elements.

Agrazag has recently finished creating the Quest of the Elements, and it is now available for you to explore!

A quest is an area or module designed and constructed by a wiz, which is worked into the game for a reset. It is usually a self-contained area, complete with mobiles, treasure and puzzles.

Agrazag’s quest is a large adventure designed to be played by one persona, at either sorcerer or necromancer level, per reset. The quest is complex and liable to take numerous attempts before it will be completed.

The Quest of the Elements is a beautifully atmospheric (and extremely dangerous!) quest, which throws you into the path of mobiles ranging from enchanting fire sprites and mischievous pixies to slimy sea slugs!

The quest begins as you are magically transported to a Mystical Crossroads, and you discover a weather-beaten parchment fragment, upon which has been scrawled ...

". . . . uses some form of magical armour for protection. Surely it cannot be defeated while it is still in its grasp? The lure of the treasure which is guarded by this evil abomination has, alas, proved too much for many to resist. Other than that I have managed to learn very little of that dimension, only that no mortal has ever returned from it alive!

What I do know, is how to open the gateway that leads you there . . .

Legend has it that the four Elemental Runes must be gathered at the mystical crossroads. So positioned, a concealed portal is said to transport whosoever should be standing at the crossroads, off to that most deathly of realms.

But beware!

These runes are guarded closely by deadly traps and fearsome beasts that are not of this world.

You will need your wits about you if you are to succeed in retrieving the wondrous treasures of that domain. But if you still feel that you can accomplish what so many before you have failed to do, then good luck to you, my friend.

I wish you well.

. . . . .".

Do you have what it takes to collect the four Elemental Runes and gather the treasure, which is guarded so fiercely? If you are feeling brave enough to enter the Quest of the Elements then contact Agrazag in-game or via mudmail!

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