Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 4, June 2000

Welcome to the first issue of the new look Muddled Times!

Muddled Times was originally a newsletter run by Suzy between 1998 and 1999, which unfortunately she had to give up due to other commitments.

Muddled Times has now been re-launched in this new format, complete with a new logo! The logo was designed by Wdi, who won £100 worth of Gameplay vouchers! (See News & Gossip for further details.)

Thank you to everyone who sent in his or her articles, this magazine couldn't work without your contributions! After all, this is a magazine for the community by the community! Unfortunately I was unable to include everything I received in this issue, but hopefully they will be put into the next (August) issue.

Please keep your articles coming in, along with your comments and suggestions, to Also, if anyone is interested in editing, graphics, design, etc and would like to become part of the Muddled Times team, please get in touch with us at

I would like to say a big thank you to Agrazag for proof-reading most of what I wrote, Turrican for helping me edit Wdi's interview, and Boggy and Foddy for helping me come up with some of the objects and clues for the Scavenger Hunt.

I hope you enjoy reading the first issue of the new look Muddled Times!


This issue of Muddled Times was brought to you by:

Authors:Agrazag, Brocken, Cordelia, Foddy, Foz, Karya, Morloc, Poledra, Serenety, Tattler, Tom, Wizrundave
Drinking Tea:Foddy

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