Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 20, February 2003
Section:Game Information

Droo's Quest Overviews

The Topical Quest Collective

This is a collection of Droo's thoughts on various quests when he was still mortal. In fact this is where the term "Topical Quest Collective" was coined and now used by Apeomancer. Droo has promised to investigate further quests and send in his thoughts on those, so look out for more from Droo in the future! A slightly different version of this article can be found in Muddy.

The Rebel Quest

The Rebel quest was created by Cat, and in the short time I was there I got a number of printouts that showed me a group of The Land's original occupents had returned to overthrow the wizzes. Their aim was to return their Land from a evil ridden one lived in by foul enchanted and horrid natural creatures to the peaceful one they used to live in. The wizzes have told us, as OUR masters (I think not), to destroy The Land's once peaceful residents turned rebels. From other manuscripts I read in the quest, I found that to enter where the rebels are hidding you must reach 'a certain area' and say to no-one in particular a password!

The Magus Manse

I was one of the first people to enter this quest written by Cat. To find this hidden area you must first take a visit to the shrine, and once you leave it you will almost automatically trip over a tangled root on the ground and find yourself looking around in a different part of the forest. From the first eXits command you take, you'll see that the 'Bluebell Forest' is the begining of the new area, once you enter there you will bw able to see the porch of the Magus' residence . Another small problem is that the Magus himself does not like his house to be entered whist you are holding a weapon, so sadly you have to bung that lovely longsword, or Valetant away somewhere (I suggest the crypt), Anyway, back to the Magus' house. When you enter and look around you'll find many intresting books that tell you of sorcerers and magic articles that you find within the house you will also find the Magus himself in his bedroom looking terrible unoccupied, is this a clue to do something I wonder? Looking around the rest of the house reveals a caged daemon, who will promise you ANYTHING just for you to free him! There is also a very peculiar room, which may even be alive itself!

The Wasp Hive

The wasp hive is concocted by Cat. The hive is located in the dense forest west of the swamp and unsuspected by myself and the PK who was hunting me at the time it contained 10 - 20 wasps. Whilst having a sniff around, as you do, I found that (the sleeping) wasp was gettable and stupidily I took it. As the PK loomed over me and began attacking the noise woke the whole hive up and within 2-3 fight rotations Baam! - we were both dead! Of course, Cat gave us ressurections due to unfair deaths. What a Guy <G>

The Statue

Here's an interesting one I saw for a short amount of time, in fact so short there's not much point speaking about it. But I will none the less. The scenario: a statue is stuck in the swamp and all SAFE attemps of moving it seemed to have failed. Well that's really all I can say. But there is a voice, a POWERFUL voice if I remember correctly, shouting something in the distance, "DOWN AND DOWN IT GOES", or something like that (VERY inacurate by the way). Anyway, that's all I have. But from what I saw of this quest it looks like a future task, as from a glance it looked very ... tasky if you know what I mean - you know, get the keg, and the sphere and in the end you get points.

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