Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 20, February 2003
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 16

Hi, guys!! What a month it's been .... guess what I got for Christmas?? A magic user! Oh, my wiz-run is well on its way now!! Better than that, there was another change to the top 10 rogues this month... could I ask for more?

Maybe. I could ask for more highlife deaths..... would you, please? Come on, guys ..... you know you can do it! I'm sure the wizards wouldn't mind if you did...

But! We did have a few deaths this month, so I'd better get started with em. Not minutes after last month's issue reached the streets they started dying all over again. I had barely put down my pen when I get a message from one of my sources telling me Veni has died!! That's Lady Veni, I'll have you know ..... and I'm told the poor dear got too close to that old touchstone! .... She came, she touched, she left as a pile of ashes!!

Or maybe the touchstone has something against ladies? Not only Lady Veni, but Lady Trundl also fell foul of its power! The touchstone has certainly been busy this month......

Enough of deaths for now.. some people survived (or so I hear)! Maxmage finally lived up to his name and made mage last month and my sources tell me even survived my curse and has kept it so far.... but can it last?

Flashback has also made mage...... I hear know, I've never seen him myself. My sources say he's wiz-running and taking the "traditional" route. Yawn....Boring!!

My sources tell me of a few new warlocks too. Not big mages yet... but maybe next month! Teneighty has been taking his time....slow but sure! And Severina has been spotted as a warlock, too ..... but not often!! The rumour is that she'll be the next big thing ....... in the tearoom!!

There's one other warlock who should be mentioned, Footpad. He got a leg-up to warlock by winning the extravaganza... and he seems to want to keep it!! Maybe he will...........

It didn't seem like Corwin would keep his warlock. The maniac went and challenged PKs to come and kill him.... and the weird thing is they didn't!! Maybe the PKs have gone all soft?

Back to deaths! Or at least people we think suffered death..... The daring dirk died? Depends. One minute he's everywhere and the next he's gone!! Maybe he was just a little bit too daring!!

Oh! Huey was a mage ... was! It seems he met up with Roobarb on his wiz-run and was turned to custard. He's been seen around since then, though .... so may be back!!

On the subject of PKs, there seemed only one name on everyone's lips over the Christmas holidays - Talulah! Since Christmas my sources have been quiet about her though .... I guess that makes her the PK of Christmas past??

Another (quite unexpected) killer this month has been mobile bashes! Vulnax having made warlock recently took herself out into a mobile bash ... and was taken out! With rumours of friendly fire, the bash has to get the blame!!

Not only that, but in another ill-fated bash, it was the giants this time who tolled the bells... Fullcircle (yet another!) warlock thought he was tougher than the giants and took them all on alone.... Yeah, I'm sure you can guess the rest!!!

So.... onto the top10 rogues. I said earlier we'd had a change.... not a big one, but it all helps! Huey our new entry at number 10 last week did the honourable thing and gave someone less fortunate than him his bounty... more importantly he gave up his position to ....... Aurora! May her time at position 10 be as eventful as Huey's!

I think that's about it for this month... it just leaves me to announce my one to watch for this month... Flashback!!! He's rumoured to be well on his way to wizard and not risking too much. I'm guessing he'll either be wizard or dead next month, either way ...... he's one to watch!

And now it's time for me to go back to playing with my Christmas present. I have magic, and I'm not afraid to use it!! Fear me now, for soon I will be a wizard ............. BECAUSE ...

I AM....


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