Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 19, December 2002
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 15

There's a nasty PK waiting right outside of this cupboard. I can't see him, but I know he's there .... I can smell his evil odour! I'm not going to play his games, oh no! I'm going to sit here and wait - what better time to write this month's Wizrundave!!

First up, guys, I must offer my sincere appologies to Po. What I said about him last month was truly uncalled for.... and for him to go to such lengths to prove me wrong was .... well, more about that later!

The big news this month was Billygoat. Somehow he managed to slip off my radar last month and avoided the curse...lucky him!! He started off well by losing a mage (Nutbag) by foolishly taking the wyvern on...

Problem is, he came straight back as Cowfinger and made wizard!! Rumour is he took out some big players like Adagio on the way, too. Anyway..... nice one!

One of my sources thought Yoda was going to be the next wizard particularly as he had started playing as Yoda for a change. Maybe Billygoat didn't want him to beat him, and whacked him badly... rumour is he said he wasn't coming back and swore more than enough to make sure he wouldn't be let back too.

Which is weird. I heard that Oooppppps was Yoda too. I guess my sources must be wrong... can't be Yoda oh no!!!! Anyways.. makes no difference now, he didn't make it either!

Mejane (who, if you remember, was a newbie warlock last month) has slowed down her play a bit ... maybe being a newbie mage would be just too obvious! Rumour is she's still playing, but mostly lowlifes.

Coolio, my one to watch from last month ... mysteriously vanished in the middle of the night! Talk about curses! Woah! Unfortunately, my curse didn't reach as far as Gza who is still out whomping ass.

In fact, this month, there's been very little tea-room activity.... even Laura (our favourite guest) took to the land... Unfortunately, all that tea made her slow. Slow enough to be caught by the hunchback! Ow!!

Major weirdness, but not as weird as Dirk (from now on known as Dirk the Daring!) It seems he foolishly thought he was stronger than not one, not two, but thirteen skellies! Unlucky for some, and unlucky for Dirk.

He didn't stay down for long though, it seems our Daring Dirk took on Aerolundi, a mage who I hoped was going to be my one to watch this month.. but Daring Dirk decimated him. Don't dare Daring Dirk, dufus!! Aerolundi vanished after that, guess he won't be my one to watch!

Mike lost a warlock ..... so I heard ..... at least a dozen times. For a bit I thought he had lost several, but then my sources tell me it was just one!! Apart from the tea-room moping I've not heard a peep out of him since.

Tsunami was a mage and going strong, but turns up one day as a yeoman. What happened there? No one seems to know, but my guess would be he bottled it to a mobile in the middle of the night.... Guys! If anyone hears any more, let me know!

Lastly, and by NO means leastly!! is Po ......... Po, seen running around the land just this week as a novice!! Wahooooo!! I mean.. no harsh feelings, but do you know how big this is?? Not only has the original teletubby been truly deflated, but we are also guaranteed an almost all new TOP 10 rogues!! Ooooh! It's like christmas come early!!

That makes the rougue countdown as follows: 10. Huey, 9. Archangel, 8. Zordell, 7. Angel, 6. Pacman, 5. Seamus, 4. Jicks, 3. Destiny, 2. Gza, and ... 1. Art!

That looks so good! What's even better was Art being spotted in the land during the T hunt.... unfortunately he wasn't thoughtful enough to give up his generous bounty. Maybe next time, though!!!

Almost done here, just my one to watch for this month left. Maxmage makes mage one day and then loses Apeomancer his necro the next. Still, you can't complain.... but will he still be mage next month? Good luck to him!!! Heh!

What timing! My exit is clear, I think I can make it to the swamp before I'm spotted.... So I must bid you guys farewell until next month. I'll be back before you know it!!

I AM....


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