Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 18, October 2002

This issue is a good example of true representation of the MUD2 community. Miath, a very popular and well known newbie, has contributed his thoughts on being a newbie. Hopefully this article will be one of many from him! At the other extreme, Havoc, a long-standing player from way, way back has not only continued his "Rumour Has It" series but has also given us the chance to re-publish an article he wrote about MUD many years ago.

Don't be shy, send in your articles, musings and artwork to for the next issue in December, and if nothing else, please fill in the Feedback Form!

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Authors:Apeomancer, Foddy, Havoc, Hawumph, Karya, Miath, Severina, Sunflower, Vulnax, Wizrundave
Artwork:Peter Pracownik, Stormborn
Links Editor:Wdi

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