Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 18, October 2002
Section:News & Gossip

Wizrundave 14

Hey, guys! I'm back.... and I promise to stay sober this month... Ooooh me head, never again! I'm gonna have to stay sober this month anyway, you should see all the highlife gossip flooding in from my sources...Some of it is too weird to be true and some of it just just plain err..erm... crap! (You know who you are and you know what I mean....)

So if any of you guys out there want to give me some interesting, top of the line, high quality gossip, send it to Ahhhhhh the hell with it, just for you, I'll even take your deep and dirty gossip too....

OK! Whose up for the chop this month? Po was my one to watch last month ..... I tell you now, he's not going to be my one to watch this month... even if the wizards prefix him "paint drying" ...yawn! Po broke my curse! Bad po!!

It seems that after Wiley made wizard last month we've had a few more trying to make wizard too before the door closes. I hear the serious contenders are Jeane (who my sources say is Mankoid) Sabretooth and Mike!!

Sabretooth has looked like the main contender for ages but then lost his bottle and lost more than that to the wyvern!! Heh! Poor guy, I've lost count of how many ways he's died now. I've not heard of him coming back yet.... was that the last straw?

Mike also didn't do tooo well. Galahad.. where did he come from? Dare I say wizmort? ... anyway he killed his warlock. He says he lost a few more warlocks and a mage as well...........

Jeane seems to have stayed alive so far, but then maybe he's gone the way of the PO!

Another one of Sabretooth's to cop his clogs this month was Overlord... killed by Thickia or something. No Thooooooookia, that's it. A new face on the block whatever way you spell it.... expect to see more from him.

Speaking of new faces, Mejane has been running about as a warlock this month .... and my sources tell me she claims to be a newbie. Suspicious behaviour for a newbie if you ask me, running around as a warlock!! Maybe a victim for my one to watch this month??

Severina has also turned up and started running around as a warlock... this time she claims to be an player from ye olde days. Running around as a warlock seems to be in fashion lately!!

Maybe that's why the tearoom has been a bit quieter recently. But then sometimes it fills up with guests....The king of tearoomers, Outkast has made a return so maybe it will fill up again now. Just think of all that tea going wasted!!

So, onto my little run-down of that chart known as the top ten in our gallery of rogues. I'm a lot happier this month as Sabretooth very kindly gave up his position at number 10 (no, he's not a politician) by pushing up the daisies... Better yet, it's not Aurora back who Sabretooth pushed down to number 11 before ... so we have a new entry at the bottom of the chart! Drrrrrrrrrrummm Rrrrrrrrolllllllll ...... It's Archangel!!

Congrats, mate! The full list now looks like this. 1. Art, 2. Po, 3. Gza, 4. Destiny, 5. Jincks, 6. Seamus, 7. Pacman, 8. Angel, 9. Zordell, 10. Archangel. We still need more movement.. get contracting ....... or at least killing!!

So guys, I'm just left with my one to watch for this month. Will it be Mejane? I don't think so. Sabretooth? No way! Archangel? Not this time. Or could it be Coolio, the mild-mannered janitor? Could be! So, my one to watch this month is Coolio..... known to some as the super hero, Gza!

Now my work for this month is done, I must get back to my own wizrun... I'm not there yet, but I know I will be. One day. I will join the ranks of the wizards. One day... because.............

I AM....


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