Muddled Times
Issue:Issue 17, August 2002

You may notice as you read through this issue that we have a complimented the articles with a number of images. This artwork is by Peter Prawconik - an artist I met and got to know a number of years ago. He has given us permission to use images from his website - I will be working through the archived issues and adding artwork to previously published articles. If you feel you can create artwork to complement previous articles, or you want to submit something as a piece in its own right either for the next issue or for the Persona Pictures, then sent your work to

Don't forget about the forthcoming mudmeet in Rainhill near Liverpool on Saturday 17th August. Everything you need to now about the meet is available here!

As always, please send in your articles, mudmeet photos and artwork to for the next issue in October!

Until next time!


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Authors:Azrael, Crazyfool, Fleet, Foddy, Havoc, Hawumph, Hobnoblin, Karya, Lexley, Mrburns, Theman, Turrican, Vulnax, Wizrundave
Artwork:Peter Pracownik (with permission from
Links Editor:Wdi

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